Walk, I went for…

spectacles balanced up on the nose

obscuring those dark brown eyes,

visage wrapped in a white handkerchief

of the clouds that outline the sky,

in blue denims, wilted a bit by sunlight,

and a tee, dull pink and grey toned

with the collar like that of a noose,

a stainless steel watch flashing, thick and

minutely grazed now, halted in time,

I sauntered like a shadow through the streets,

no purpose in mind, but to get lost,

though not possible in a civic over-inhabited,

but only as long as my two arms affixed,

not rising a single sound, I ambled around,

some looked at me with a grimace,

others ignoring me like I coveted,

I stirred the crowd when necessary,

paving my course to an unknown place,

I was walking towards in a daze,

taking a turn here and there, nowhere,

seemed like hours since I had been doing it,

my mind thinking of its own accord,

and I ignoring every fact with every other thought,

it was only 15 minutes later that,

I returned back, drenched in sweat of the summer,

I marched in back to the enclosure of safety,

relieved that I was back from the world,

being an element of which, yet I did not belong,

appear and sit down facing a laptop,

inscribing down in a blog post,

“Today I went for a walk.”


* Though I didn’t go for a walk today, that is usually what happens whenever I do. Still, there was one particular walk I had in my mind when I wrote this. I was walking fast but then I had slowed down and then stopped and then made myself tread those steps. I wasn’t tired physically.. who can feel fatigue after such a short walk!? But mind can travel for miles in the very same time. And that is what had happened with me. I rarely step out of this place… not sure why.. but may be I know. I do know, I guess. Submitting this piece for dVerse OLN.


RCC Goals for the Week

I recently joined the Rome Construction Crew which is a group of bloggers aiming to achieve their goals through mutual support and understanding.

As much as I know, the crew members plan out their goals for every week and at the end of the week, they check out if they have been successful in achieving them or not. Even if it is not so, that is what I am going to do. I know I am quite late but still, I would plan out my goals for this week now which are as follows-

1. Writing Goals:- (i) Write short-stories(ranging from 100-1000 words) and he usual poems.

(ii) Work on a book of short-stories, assemble the stories from the hard drive and those published long time before on the blog.

(iii) Try to find more about the freelancing opportunities.

2. Mental-health related goals:- (i)  Think about the future, without any anxiety and try to find out what I am going to do next.

(ii) Try to socialize; contact old acquaintances.

(iii) Try to speak minimum, because I feel frustrated later on if I speak more and try to avoid talkative people.

3. Physical-health related goals:- (i) Try to participate in physical activities.

(ii) Take a short walk every day.

(iii) Try to improve my stamina so that I won’t feel tired all day.

4. Reading goals:- (i) Complete reading 2 more books at least.

(ii) Read the poems by Poe and Sylvia Plath.

That is all. I know they are quite difficult for me, but I have to do something, right? I hope I will be able to accomplish most of these goals.

Goo:- A Very very Short-story

He was exhilarated after such a wonderful date. After taking her leave with a small peck on her forehead, he was walking back home.

“Excuse me, sir,” said a man in rags sitting on the sidewalk.

He was furious at having his thoughts interrupted but still turned towards him and inquired, “Yes?”

The tramp gave a toothless smile and replied, “There is goo under your nose.”