the rabbit life

the hairline fractures of this hare-bound life —

a sunny rebuke is all that you need to keep moving
when the skin turns liquid (charcoal&stardust),
at the eagerness of a hopping day’s rest,

your redwood eyes in the dark cannot close
their own need for stimulus,
you see to see the cobwebs mined from your brow,
spiders crawling through the neural networks
of your (hop-hop-) hopping brain.

you need to sleep to stitch&stick the tapestry
of the rabbit life that you’ve lived,
for when you’re awake, you’re still
(hop-hop-) dreaming.

© Anmol Arora

Inspired by Art FLASH! at WRT

Day 6
(Inter)National Poetry Month


Walk, I went for…

spectacles balanced up on the nose

obscuring those dark brown eyes,

visage wrapped in a white handkerchief

of the clouds that outline the sky,

in blue denims, wilted a bit by sunlight,

and a tee, dull pink and grey toned

with the collar like that of a noose,

a stainless steel watch flashing, thick and

minutely grazed now, halted in time,

I sauntered like a shadow through the streets,

no purpose in mind, but to get lost,

though not possible in a civic over-inhabited,

but only as long as my two arms affixed,

not rising a single sound, I ambled around,

some looked at me with a grimace,

others ignoring me like I coveted,

I stirred the crowd when necessary,

paving my course to an unknown place,

I was walking towards in a daze,

taking a turn here and there, nowhere,

seemed like hours since I had been doing it,

my mind thinking of its own accord,

and I ignoring every fact with every other thought,

it was only 15 minutes later that,

I returned back, drenched in sweat of the summer,

I marched in back to the enclosure of safety,

relieved that I was back from the world,

being an element of which, yet I did not belong,

appear and sit down facing a laptop,

inscribing down in a blog post,

“Today I went for a walk.”


* Though I didn’t go for a walk today, that is usually what happens whenever I do. Still, there was one particular walk I had in my mind when I wrote this. I was walking fast but then I had slowed down and then stopped and then made myself tread those steps. I wasn’t tired physically.. who can feel fatigue after such a short walk!? But mind can travel for miles in the very same time. And that is what had happened with me. I rarely step out of this place… not sure why.. but may be I know. I do know, I guess. Submitting this piece for dVerse OLN.

Tribulation Haiku

women pounding rocks

tribulation of hard life

death-drop down the hill


* I have seen the local women of the hilly areas cutting down the mountain rocks in order to make way for building up the road on the hills and the drop down from such an elevation.. its treacherous. But they have no other choice, this is a simple tribulation of their daily life in order to earn a living. For Carpe Diem # 243 Tribulation.

Benefits of NOT Cleaning your Room!

Cleaning– this is something which one tries to do in every area or place… Cleaning the environment, Cleaning the disk space, Cleaning the messages, Cleaning the overflowing closet, Cleaning your room!

And here comes the most tedious- most mundane- most troublesome task:- The task of Cleaning one’s room. Well, its one of the major dilemmas one come across in daily life. Yes, cleaning is good- but why is it so hard to clean your room! May be because-

1. Room consists of so many commodities.

2. If you start cleaning it up, you may come across the ever-increasing moths and insects, which you’re definitely afraid of.

3. Cleaning takes time and you do not have time when you have to write, you have to watch T.V., you have to surf net in some useless way and you have to study occasionally.

4. Cleaning would make you a dull creature because you won’t have anything that you can procrastinate for tomorrow in that case.

5. Cleaning- well, hmm.. you’re way too cool for indulging in some silly activity like cleaning.

SO, that is what the majority of people think- well may be not the majority, but most of the people I know and may be I will ever know in my lifetime. What do you say- is cleaning your room a good habit? Or is it a sheer wastage of time by a capable resource like you?

Here, I am telling you some benefits of not cleaning your room- well, yeah- you can say I am a weirdo- talking about the benefits of something bad- but not cleaning is not bad or is it?



Okay, when your room is not clean and is filled with any type of nonsense thing possible, it gives you a warm feel– the feel of being full, surrounded by so many familiar(or may be long forgotten) things.

When you have cleaned your room and have stored every thing in its proper place, then I think you would feel as if you are very lonely, away from the worldly pleasure. It is a pleasure in itself seeing so many things untangled and messy around you. “Cleaning it up would somehow mean losing your identity.”


When your room is filled with so much stuff that it would be difficult to fit it in the whole house, given that it is being tried- searching the necessary stuff at the exact necessary time becomes a very difficult and adventurous task. Every one needs some adventure and everyone can’t conquer the mighty Mount Everest. So, it is a very good type of adventurous sport splitting your room in halves and searching for the necessary stuff in time.

It is a very good way to spend your leisure and even you work time. Moreover, it is so much fun- isn’t it?


This is the final and the most logical advantage for not cleaning the room.

Cleaning has so many meanings-

  • Mother’s meaning- Everything set up, clean sheets, not a single thing out of place, and hence- a very open room… yuk!!
  • Father’s meaning- Make it clean like your mother expects it to be like.
  • Sibling’s meaning- No stains, No books on the bed- Everything else is fine.
  • My meaning- Have some space to walk on- be it the bed or the floor- the cupboard won’t be bad as well, as long as I can find my way in and out of the room.

Well, that says it all- so it would be better to avoid cleaning the room.. It comes out to be an advantage since you would not have to deal with so many varied meanings.

HENCE, this brings an end to all the confusion, an end to the dilemma of whether the room must be cleaned or not.

So, go ahead and do what you want to do, even after reading my detailed advantages of not cleaning the room.

NOTE- Everyone is responsible for his/her own deeds leading to(well) many final results- be it your mother’s scolding or your friend’s unexpected visit to your room.