Right2Write Prompt 3: Yarn

Okay, time for the next Right2Write prompt. But before that, let me tell you that there was only a single submission last week. Come on writers, pick up your pens and if you have certain suggestions for the prompts, please recommend your ideas to me. I will definitely heed them to bring about good prompts for you all. And you can still write for the past prompts.

So, it was Melanie who interpreted the movie The Princess Bride in her words in quite an interesting way. You can read her post here.

For this week’s prompt, I am thinking of posting a photograph, for you all to get inspired and write, even if it is just two words. I’d certainly be glad if you participate.

So, here is the photograph-

Yarn (copyright- me)


I hold the copyright to this photograph. So, kindly insert the photograph in your post, linking it back to me. Thank you.

I have titled the photograph Yarn but it isn’t necessary for you to use the very word or anything related to it in your creation. Be creative and look through the photograph and find something to write about.

I guess, the photograph, this time, is quite interesting. A nice poem could be written based on it. Oh well I am just musing.

So, the rules:-

1. Write a short-story or a poem based on the photograph.

2. Add your link to the linking widget down below.

3. Try and visit the submissions by other writers.

4. Spread the word around. Promote it. Re-blog or just tell your followers about it. Since, this is still a new prompt, it would take time to gather up more participants and that would definitely make it a more interesting writing arena, don’t you think?

That is all. I’ll be visiting your posts. Look for me next Saturday for another prompt.


Right2Write Prompt 2: Movie Mania

It is time for the second Right2Write Prompt. But before I discuss about it, I would like to thank the three bloggers who participated in last week’s prompt. You can read their entries through these links:- Marbles in My Pocket, MindLoveMisery and Wordifull Melanie. They have all done a great job, making the photograph an intrinsic part of their creations.

Now, for this week’s prompt, I would like you all to write anything- short story/poem/thoughts in general based on the story of your favorite movie. Pay a dedication to that movie through your words. You can even write a review if you want.

General Guidelines:-

1. Upper Word Limit- 500 words

2. Spread the word around. Since, the prompt is still new, it would take a bit of time before more writers would participate in the prompt.

3. Read the posts submitted by other bloggers. This is the only way by which we could frame a community through acknowledging each others’ efforts and sharing our views.

That is all. You can add the links to your posts in the linking widget.


Writing.. No, let’s do some Internet first!

Me: Write, write, write.. Write down something.

After 2 minutes,

Me: Let’s look up for some inspiration on the internet.

After 2 hours,

Me: Oh crap! I have to write a story for the project today.

After 5 minutes,

Me: Why am I not able to write anything?

After half an hour,

Me: After writing these few paragraphs, I do not know how to move ahead with it.

After a few seconds of pondering and worrying,

Me: I am irritated. Let’s write a haiku. No, let’s see the prompt of the day at Carpe Diem. I will work on it. Okay, so today’s word is Fortitude. Okay, let’s work on it.

After 5 minutes,

Me: Nothing. Blank. What is happening with me?

After 10 minutes, merely writing a haiku or so,

Me: It is the worst I could have done. Let’s do something else after saving it as a draft.

After an hour,

Me: Evening time, pleasant weather.. Let’s go for a walk.

After coming back,

Me: Haven’t written anything substantial today. Hmm.. well, I wrote an extra story yesterday. Let’s refine it. No, let’s do some internet first.

Opens up the wordpress account and writes this post.

And here I am right (I need to write) now, irritated, frustrated and hungry, which I am very often nowadays.

RCC Goals for the Week

I recently joined the Rome Construction Crew which is a group of bloggers aiming to achieve their goals through mutual support and understanding.

As much as I know, the crew members plan out their goals for every week and at the end of the week, they check out if they have been successful in achieving them or not. Even if it is not so, that is what I am going to do. I know I am quite late but still, I would plan out my goals for this week now which are as follows-

1. Writing Goals:- (i) Write short-stories(ranging from 100-1000 words) and he usual poems.

(ii) Work on a book of short-stories, assemble the stories from the hard drive and those published long time before on the blog.

(iii) Try to find more about the freelancing opportunities.

2. Mental-health related goals:- (i)  Think about the future, without any anxiety and try to find out what I am going to do next.

(ii) Try to socialize; contact old acquaintances.

(iii) Try to speak minimum, because I feel frustrated later on if I speak more and try to avoid talkative people.

3. Physical-health related goals:- (i) Try to participate in physical activities.

(ii) Take a short walk every day.

(iii) Try to improve my stamina so that I won’t feel tired all day.

4. Reading goals:- (i) Complete reading 2 more books at least.

(ii) Read the poems by Poe and Sylvia Plath.

That is all. I know they are quite difficult for me, but I have to do something, right? I hope I will be able to accomplish most of these goals.

that feeling

you know that feeling

when out of nowhere,

a thought comes across your mind

and you want to jot it down,


not because it is an important thought

but because something within you is urging you

to bring out the flicker of that light

that passed by the contours of your mind,


scribble it on a piece of paper

with a blue ink or black or even red,

keep on writing till the time

you have completely puked it out,


then store it inside a table drawer

already flooding with many such others,

place it carefully at the top

to be read some time in the future,


when you have almost forgotten about it,

one day you find it lying there lifeless, still

and read it in the light of the day

and simply smile at that cold thing from the past.