RCC: End of First Week

Okay, let me tell you I failed miserably in attaining my goals this first week. Here is the update on all the goals I did set up for myself:-

Writing Goals: Yes, I wrote some poems and some stories but most of them were for the writing prompts. I didn’t add much into my own personal collection/book writing, except for a few haiku and a 100 word story.. that is all.

Reading Goals: Tuesday night.. I aimed at reading two books but i haven’t yet completed even one of them. I am currently reading Firestarter by Stephen King. I guess I am now bored by Mr. King’s writing style after reading his books in succession. I need a bit of a change. As for the poems, I didn’t read any, except for a poem or two by Plath.

Physical Health Goals: No physical activity as such.. Just had to go shopping for the most of one day this week, which I went on foot. And it was a bad idea, because of the horrible afternoons in the summers, whence temperatures peak up to 115 F here. Otherwise, I didn’t participate in any physical activity.

Mental Health Goals: No comment.

So, I guess I must plan some attainable goals for the coming week which would be as follows:-

1. Write more often and decrease the time I spend on wordpress. I have to work more on my personal writing collections. Just publish a single post every day; that of Carpe Diem’s Haiku prompts. Spend rest of the time in writing flash fiction and haiku. I am thinking of publishing a collection of my haiku; so I have to definitely work on them.

2. Read The Catcher in the Rye again.

3. Figure out what my future is going to be like.. Yes, I am right now a little hopeful, that is why I am thinking of the future. I can’t go on like this. I will have to do something but I don’t know anything about it yet.


RCC Goals for the Week

I recently joined the Rome Construction Crew which is a group of bloggers aiming to achieve their goals through mutual support and understanding.

As much as I know, the crew members plan out their goals for every week and at the end of the week, they check out if they have been successful in achieving them or not. Even if it is not so, that is what I am going to do. I know I am quite late but still, I would plan out my goals for this week now which are as follows-

1. Writing Goals:- (i) Write short-stories(ranging from 100-1000 words) and he usual poems.

(ii) Work on a book of short-stories, assemble the stories from the hard drive and those published long time before on the blog.

(iii) Try to find more about the freelancing opportunities.

2. Mental-health related goals:- (i)  Think about the future, without any anxiety and try to find out what I am going to do next.

(ii) Try to socialize; contact old acquaintances.

(iii) Try to speak minimum, because I feel frustrated later on if I speak more and try to avoid talkative people.

3. Physical-health related goals:- (i) Try to participate in physical activities.

(ii) Take a short walk every day.

(iii) Try to improve my stamina so that I won’t feel tired all day.

4. Reading goals:- (i) Complete reading 2 more books at least.

(ii) Read the poems by Poe and Sylvia Plath.

That is all. I know they are quite difficult for me, but I have to do something, right? I hope I will be able to accomplish most of these goals.