people pass by me in a haste,

while I keep on looking ahead,

bearing the sun, my nose gone red,

I lick the cage of my mouth to taste


words that don’t appear, not a word leaves,

my tongue wriggles, giggling,

tickled roof of mouth, I can’t believe,

my teeth automatic on my lips nibbling


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I am linking it up with G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.


Looking for an emerald…

Travelling between

the thin line of

reality and fantasy,

looking for an emerald

that resides in me,


I stumble through distant paths

get burnt by dragon’s tongues,

 I climb the mountains

to see no sun

but be struck by lightning

in search of something

that is nowhere

but inside me,


I dwell in darkness

feast on my own dead skin,

split open my eyes,

looking for that island

where I think the stone is;


fantasy becomes reality

when I last return home,

and find some drops

falling down my open eyes,

they glint with a distinct sheen,

and I realize,

they are the dear stones,

I was looking for,

in the realm of fantasy,


all the time,

them being overlooked

by my heart,

but present

in my own reality.

*Written in response of dVerse Mirage/Fantasy prompt.