people pass by me in a haste,

while I keep on looking ahead,

bearing the sun, my nose gone red,

I lick the cage of my mouth to taste


words that don’t appear, not a word leaves,

my tongue wriggles, giggling,

tickled roof of mouth, I can’t believe,

my teeth automatic on my lips nibbling


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I am linking it up with G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.


10 thoughts on “(less)Speech

  1. Intersting vision of what happens to me anyway, walking through a city street. In our village, no…we smile and say at least “buon giorno!” …wonderful poem and imagery.


  2. You just gave me food for thought. I’ve bitten my lips all my life. I almost had them healed and started biting them about a month ago. I do have a lot of secrets within me and your poetry makes me wonder if it is me literally eating my own unspoken words of truth. Thank you for write and for providing an answer for my own journey.


  3. So often we keep looking straight ahead, paying no attention to people who walk beside us. And in winter, it is so often easy to bite one’s dry lips, I think, without thinking about it.


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