Looking for an emerald…

Travelling between

the thin line of

reality and fantasy,

looking for an emerald

that resides in me,


I stumble through distant paths

get burnt by dragon’s tongues,

 I climb the mountains

to see no sun

but be struck by lightning

in search of something

that is nowhere

but inside me,


I dwell in darkness

feast on my own dead skin,

split open my eyes,

looking for that island

where I think the stone is;


fantasy becomes reality

when I last return home,

and find some drops

falling down my open eyes,

they glint with a distinct sheen,

and I realize,

they are the dear stones,

I was looking for,

in the realm of fantasy,


all the time,

them being overlooked

by my heart,

but present

in my own reality.

*Written in response of dVerse Mirage/Fantasy prompt.


When the Sun glowers at me…

When the Sun glowers at me

Creating the tingling sensation on my back

feel pushed upon by something hard

feel the light shimmer at my skin

Giving a sheen to the mass

When the Sun glowers at me

feel its glare peeking at me

When the Sun glowers at me

I see its eyes on me

Bringing the tingling sensation

I feel it does create the sensation

It provides sheen to me

When the Sun glowers at me

I feel something

I do feel something

Glowering at me

Thrusting me

Shimmering at my skin

When the Sun glowers at me

I feel it

I see it glowering at me.