A visit through a portrait

need to be said but words dissolve in thin vapors,

a gasp, a wisp of air escapes from open lips,

the voice of an inner world stays voiceless,

swiftly they blink, these buttoned eyes blind,

something is there in every peel, every layer,

on this paint, freshly ingrained, fingers still slip,

touching over, the tiny crinkles of distress,

lost in the lines of art, my heart disinclined,

beatific experience trembles, makes me forget,

I swipe over carelessly these beads of sweat,


even darkness is stroked by his silver breathing,

I explore my outline in the haze that appears,

floating in the imagination, conjurations come alive,

brought up by restless mind, flashed in genteel slides,

after a timeless commune, I turn away, releasing,

leaving behind on this portrait, a little smear

of my visit, through the pages of his story of deprive,

left unsaid, narration of his untold tale, denied,

yet I depart but I was here with him, beside him,

looking within, looking at him as his colors go dim


This is tagged as the poem for 30 November.

Yes, I completed NaBloPoMo, the goal of which was to write a blog post everyday but I enhanced the challenge for my own benefit by posting a poem everyday this month. I am glad because I got to experience the variety of my ideas. Having written form poetry like villanelle, lyrical rhyming verses, some humor, some mystery and free flowing free verse, I have explored through my mind, not confining myself to a particular style. But above all, I learnt to be patient even when the words do not come to me. It is all about giving myself some time and eagerly wait.

Also, I have realized that there is a romantic element ever-persistent in my writing. It doesn’t mean that I write love poems. I do romanticize things, feelings, emotions and simple incidents of life just like other poets and writers. Glorifying, lifting plain to something above ordinary is the work of every writer. I had always thought my written word could be defined by just one word i.e. darkness, forgetting that darkness has a melancholic romantic element poured all across it.

And thank you everyone for supporting me and sharing your kind feedback with me.

Also to remind you, I had also joined Team Nano Poblano, brought together by Rarasaur. And that is all. 🙂

Note: I was not aware that the painting is based on a TV character and therefore, the poem is not about the character himself. I just wanted to clarify that.


Shall I shove an apple to thy face!?

shall I shove an apple to thy face,

which thou bite into, with a savage grace,

shall I wink shooting stars through my eyes,

to pierce thy coarse lips, sewing shut thy lies,

shall I bash thou, with my passion of oddity,

as thou wipe your nose on my heart, thy commodity,

shall I taste bitterness of thy sugar coated love,

as thou interrupt the mating of cloud doves,

shall I lose my tongue to thy expectations,

as extraordinary as black carnations,

shall I freeze thy image in heat of my blood,

as thou break my skull, with thy humor, with a thud,

shall I crunch thy bones within my canines,

so as to prove to thee, my glacial warmth signs,

we shall live perpetually in this strident abode,

our gurgling guts stringed by curvaceous roads,

I strangle thee in thy heavy bald locks,

while thou noose me in a hard death lock,

this love is a love, ye would not understand,

look away, as we finish each other off, as planned


Ha! 😀 It was fun. I was inspired by dVerse prompt today- to use conceit metaphors and images in the poem. Though I have gone quite bizarre in some of my pieces earlier, today I decided to keep it simple… as I see it.

This is tagged as the post for 29 November for NaBloPoMo. Just one more poem to go and then, I am done with the challenge.

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not buzzing, not much intonation,

I consider the hive perched on the tree,

and conjecture if I could extract some honey,

to bestow the day with a sweetness,

I can not savor, but discern and concede,

by heeding the clear golden flush,

and the strands as I finger it and above,

those rupturing lines, swirls of purity,

the measures of which I can not fathom,

but I can strive to discern, concede

the marvels of that edifice,

where it is concocted, prepared into

the divine reward of nature, the scents

of which, I gulp in, even if they’re not there,

but I could acquire the traces of familiarity,

which I thought, I had never had,

ah! I sigh… and I depart from the moment,

when I gave a glance, and disregarded,

the vision now glorified into a serene scene,

through the electrons, I am entitled to,

which have altered what took place,

into something, I could only fancy, had


This is tagged as the poem for 28 November for NaBloPoMo.

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subjugating my perception,

this affliction expurgating my limbs,

I contort in shapes, figurines of torment,

exuding through my sheathed skin,

this dark secretion, noxious

within and out, I melt down,

the flaming wick, discharging

this wax blood, tarnishing

the ashen linen of notions,

untouched, unrealized,

dribble… dribbling away,

the last that was left in me


This is tagged as the post for 27 November for NaBloPoMo.

I am linking it up with Friday Flash 55.

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Thy artistry

saturated in the beads of sunshine,

sprouting shy, subservient, veiling heart

from the impertinent eyes of world,

recherché to touch, inducing an ache,

arcane, unknown, of an artistry,

enfolded in the secrets, shrouded by you


a hopeless lover hopes by your sight,

layering within the layers of his love,

yearning for the nectar of you, his lover,

seaming you in his dreams, coloring

his vagaries, in the palette of shades,

the many succulent hues, of thy sly sure smile


This is tagged as the poem for 26 November for NaBloPoMo.

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