subjugating my perception,

this affliction expurgating my limbs,

I contort in shapes, figurines of torment,

exuding through my sheathed skin,

this dark secretion, noxious

within and out, I melt down,

the flaming wick, discharging

this wax blood, tarnishing

the ashen linen of notions,

untouched, unrealized,

dribble… dribbling away,

the last that was left in me


This is tagged as the post for 27 November for NaBloPoMo.

I am linking it up with Friday Flash 55.

Image source

9 thoughts on “Dribbling

    • The thing is that I am not doing Nano. If I was, I would have a good reason for being out of ideas. I just took up the challenge to post a poem a day this month and it is a hard thing for me because I tend to take a break otherwise. But anyways, just three more days to go. 🙂

      As for the selection of pic, I write first and then search for an appropriate image most of the times(sometimes spending as long as half an hour for a pic). But when I am not able to frame any idea, I go for pic browsing and recite a verse for every pic and I choose the one which could be converted in an entire piece. 🙂


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