Liberate me: A 100 Word Story

The train has stopped and I mingle with the crowd coursing out, journeying up to the street where all go their own way. I am on the look out for a library.

I sing:

“Wandering here in the wild
shadowed by the bright day
I look here, there, I’m a child,
liberate me from this dark play”

There is no one I encounter on my path; the sunlight pierces my eyes and I am going blind. The knowledge of truth is out of my reach.

And this is when I touch upon the undeniable sprout of insanity growing in me.


Written in consideration of Friday Fictioneers’ Weekly Prompt.

Image copyright: Randy Mazie


13 thoughts on “Liberate me: A 100 Word Story

  1. How nice to cross paths again Anmol.. we used to meet almost daily. I like this tale a lot, so sad when the books are out of your reach, and I could feel the sun burning my retina, to be blind could to me be either total blackness or total whiteness… both equally disturbing,


  2. insanity is not a bad thing…ha….especially when we find ourselves blinded from the truth….the library is def the place to be…so much to learn…i once read so much i strained my eyes and thought i was going blind….


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