Liberate me: A 100 Word Story

The train has stopped and I mingle with the crowd coursing out, journeying up to the street where all go their own way. I am on the look out for a library.

I sing:

“Wandering here in the wild
shadowed by the bright day
I look here, there, I’m a child,
liberate me from this dark play”

There is no one I encounter on my path; the sunlight pierces my eyes and I am going blind. The knowledge of truth is out of my reach.

And this is when I touch upon the undeniable sprout of insanity growing in me.


Written in consideration of Friday Fictioneers’ Weekly Prompt.

Image copyright: Randy Mazie


Dream: A 100 Word Story

“You know… you know what, I saw a dream but it was like reality. And you know where I was.” He plunged into the fantasy, becoming a phantom of happiness.

“Where were you?” The other one asked, from the other side of things.

“It was… you know- a mountain top… No. It was a hilly area but I was living in a small hut at the jutting high rocks of the sea shore. It was warm and cold at once. I…”

“It was a dream,” the mirrored-one replied.

His reflection flickered as he subsided into his convulsing cocoon of darkness.


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* For Trifecta.

Live: A 100 Word Story

“The cyclone will hit in the evening. They are here to take us away to the temporary shelters.”

“What of our house… and furniture, and jewelry?”

“Hurry up… we need to go.” He looked away, hiding his tears from his wife who was still bewildered by the emergency of the moment.

“But…” She tried to voice her concern for everything they had earned in their lifetime.

He took her hands. “Is this life more important or these material possessions? I am sorry. Just pick a suitcase and take the clothes and jewelry, you could pack into it. We need to leave/live.”


Image copyright: Janet M. Webb

* For Friday Fictioneers.

Greece: A 100 Word Story

“I wish I could visit Greece. I am fascinated by the mythology. I would love to walk through those amphitheaters, pavilions and temples. I know much of it is in ruins now… still…,” he spoke to his friend.

“But of course you can get the experience anytime,” she replied.

“Oh! Where will I get the funds for such an exciting endeavor?”

“Not necessary… just come along with me.” She took his hand and walked him to the computer table.

“Are you buying me a vacation?” he asked, excitedly, but soon his expression turned sour as she opened up Google images.


* For Friday Fictineers.

New Job: A 100 Word Story

“I got a new job,” she announced.

She had gone for her first interview in two years and things seemed to have worked out in her favor.

“You know it was not easy. The interviewer was quite grim. But once he knew of my situation, he managed to be a little polite to me.”

She was beaming with happiness. “I want you today to share this happiness with me. I know you are here somewhere, looking at me with a tender smile on your lips. I wish I could hug you.” She cradled his photograph and gave it a kiss.