Where no one sleeps

a land where no one sleeps,

no one ever wakes,

inundated in the petals of reverie,

encrusted with the hues of red,

each soul is profoundly embalmed

in the hymns, of requiem,

rendered by the wailing winds,

there is something about this place,

but there is nothing extraordinaire,

save, for what is felt and seen


This is tagged as the poem for 23 November for NaBloPoMo. I am linking it up with:

1. Transforming Friday with Nature’s Wonders Prompt

2. Friday Flash 55

17 thoughts on “Where no one sleeps

  1. Galen Haynes says:

    A country known as….Insomnia!!!
    Loved your beautiful post today
    Excellent fulfillment of all the Prompts today
    Loved your Sleepless 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End


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