“okay then, goodbye”:

stories have a tendency to end in the

cliched manner, as if they just can’t find some-
thinkg different, perhaps a hello at the end,

a promise of something that begins and goes
on still, but endings are supposed to be sad
all the time, many a time. Perhaps all I need

to do

and that’d give to me my choice of an ending
or no ending, a discrepancy of sorts in the end.


This is Poem # 9 for my 30 Days, 30 Poems Challenge.

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3 thoughts on “endings

  1. This poem is full of innocent longing for something greater and better, but me, for example and my example I hope to gods only, learned that when you wish for no tears, your wish gets granted in a crooked way. I love, loved, cherished and cherish my painful ending, and I sure hope I will never again have to say a hello: to abuse, fear, psychosis.
    I do wish, however, that the clockwork of this universe would to work differently, and grant what you have asked in this poem: more smiles, happiness and eharts filled with hope and love.


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