Where is Peace!?

peace is in this silence of the night,

also in the voice of these keys (pit-pat-pit),

being attacked by my grievous fingers,

tapped ruthlessly again and again


peace is in the call of house lizards,

their chirping-like sound, abound (tchak… tchak),

disturbing, yet musical and rhythmic,

unfound talent, hidden behind clocks,


peace is in this small skipping insect,

the name of which I do not know (small & BLACK),

as it crawls, and walks, and hops,

getting invisible in the dark from time to time,


peace is in the solitude of this time,

as the city sleeps and those who stay awake (nocturnal),

the owls and the bats, and insomniac,

lost in the reverie of self-indulged plight,


peace is everywhere you find it,

even in those burdened heart beats (thump-thump),

and the wails of the tethered soul,

just find it, and it is going to be yours


* I didn’t expect to write something like this, but ended up doing so. Written in consideration of dVerse Poetics.


14 thoughts on “Where is Peace!?

  1. nice…i find a lot of peace in the night…when the world is asleep and i am awake…i like the small insect finding its way…much like we find our way…even in that silence the world slowly moves on around us…


  2. HA, I do think there is a lot of peace to be found in the stillness of the late of night, when there is only the sound of the keys. I think those who exist in the night, insomniacs and various nocturnal animals, share a peaceful camaraderie….which you have so VERY well expressed.


  3. I like finding peace everywhere, from the lizards to the insects to the sounds of keys tapping ~ At night and early morning are favorite times to inhale peace ~ I like the grounding of your words, I can relate ~


  4. when all the lights go out… i find that moments of peaceful silence as well.. love how you see it in the little things around you as well…in the tiny insects…yes..there is a peacefulness in nature and its creatures..


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