Republish: Right2Write Prompt 10: Bacchus and Midas

Note: No good responses last week. Therefore, I am extending the prompt for another week. If you are interested, write anything and add your link in the widget below.


This week, we are going mythical. Yes, we are going to enjoy the world of Greek mythology. I present to you an oil painting by Nicolas Poussin, named Bacchus and Midas. You all must be aware of these two names. Bacchus(Roman name of Dionysus) was the God of Wine and son of Zeus/Jupiter and Midas has a very famous tale attached to him- the king who could turn anything to gold by his touch. Though there are three references of King Midas in Greek mythology, the one with the gold touch is the most popular.

Bacchus and Midas by Nicolas Poussin

This painting was completed in 1630 and presently finds its abode at Alte Pinakothek, Munich, Germany. You can write anything, inspired from this painting. The thing most concrete to me is the intoxication, which would make an interesting write.

General guidelines:

1. Write a short story/poem/any other form of creative writing, getting inspiration from this classic piece of art.

2. Once you have posted your creation, kindly submit your links in the linking widget below. In case you are not able to do so, please leave your links in your comments. Also if you do not hold a blog, you can e-mail your creations to me at or post your creation in the comments section below. Anyhow, I will further publish it on this blog by your name.

3. We need more participants. So, please write something even if it is just two lines. I’d love to read anything you come up with. Inform other bloggers about the prompt. They might be interested in participating as well.

4. It is not necessary for you to use the title of the prompt (which is based on the name of the painting) in your creations.

Happy writing!


4 thoughts on “Republish: Right2Write Prompt 10: Bacchus and Midas

  1. ‘i bet i can make man do more stupid things with my wine, than you can with your gold.’

    ‘i would not bet on that bacchus, i have been tripping them up just as long as you have. now fill my cup so we can enjoy the show.’


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