Right2Write Prompt 3: Yarn

Okay, time for the next Right2Write prompt. But before that, let me tell you that there was only a single submission last week. Come on writers, pick up your pens and if you have certain suggestions for the prompts, please recommend your ideas to me. I will definitely heed them to bring about good prompts for you all. And you can still write for the past prompts.

So, it was Melanie who interpreted the movie The Princess Bride in her words in quite an interesting way. You can read her post here.

For this week’s prompt, I am thinking of posting a photograph, for you all to get inspired and write, even if it is just two words. I’d certainly be glad if you participate.

So, here is the photograph-

Yarn (copyright- me)


I hold the copyright to this photograph. So, kindly insert the photograph in your post, linking it back to me. Thank you.

I have titled the photograph Yarn but it isn’t necessary for you to use the very word or anything related to it in your creation. Be creative and look through the photograph and find something to write about.

I guess, the photograph, this time, is quite interesting. A nice poem could be written based on it. Oh well I am just musing.

So, the rules:-

1. Write a short-story or a poem based on the photograph.

2. Add your link to the linking widget down below.

3. Try and visit the submissions by other writers.

4. Spread the word around. Promote it. Re-blog or just tell your followers about it. Since, this is still a new prompt, it would take time to gather up more participants and that would definitely make it a more interesting writing arena, don’t you think?

That is all. I’ll be visiting your posts. Look for me next Saturday for another prompt.


16 thoughts on “Right2Write Prompt 3: Yarn

  1. I have written for 20 lines many times but I still have trouble bringing up the @) Lines home site (or any other homesite) without just going to an email that was sent to me. can you help me. How do I go to a blog site I want to check out? Do I used the reader button and go through the “blogs I follow” list? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I love your site and enjoy reading the post. I often write post to my home site, intending to out them on 2o lines as well, but since I have problems with getting on 20 Lines, etc. and I have a lot of email to go through, I often neglect to do it. If you have any ideas how i can promote other bloggers to write for 20 Lines, I will be glad to help. beebeesworld


    • If you wish to read posts by other bloggers that you already follow, then go through the “reader” list and keep on following the blogs you would like to read in the future… their recent posts would appear in that very list..
      and in order to promote your creations on 20 lines, you can write a post on 20 lines and then reblog it on your own site or vice-verca.. or you can just mention about it in one of your posts.


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