justice wrought as words tumble out/ at least for now- I am a vampire (Part 1)

a worm bite it is as I take rounds around the walking path

of the garden where the mutts shout, reclaim their territory,

I get the notion to return back and open the empty pages

so to absorb their whiteness through my trembling fingers

as they begin to trot on their own accord, a voice found

some words to relinquish my thirst, my loquacious desires


“You look very much like a vampire,” a class mate says to me,

I make the gesture of biting my own wrist so that the blood

shall run free, and sniff the air of imaginative dreams

“Hello, unique,” a mate calls me out from the crowd

and I embrace his title for me, the uniqueness imbued in us all

struggling to sore out in the form of an image

to represent the remains that are left of me


how little I know my vanity, how much I know my individuality,

sins I create, sins I commit, I am pardoned by my justice

that stings like the worm bite and I caress it incredulously


Thank you so much for your support. I haven’t replied to your kind comments in my previous post but I have embraced your love and the beauty of your kind words.
This poem here is a part of a series of poems: “I am a vampire”. I have already written the second part as well. So, it is final that it would at least have two parts and if it happens to be so, I would like to continue further with it.


12 thoughts on “justice wrought as words tumble out/ at least for now- I am a vampire (Part 1)

    • It feels like the very same to me as well. So good to hear from you… the college is going alright. New things to learn and new experiences to gain, and a few friends to make, as far as I am concerned about it.
      I hope you are doing good and the job is going fine. 🙂


  1. quite powerful last stanza….intense…the biting…the naming of unique and the embracing of that and all that it entails…in an effort to salvage what is left of you…so you are going to keep going with this one?


  2. hey – nice to hear from you again… the uniqueness was what stood out for me here…the need to being seen and heard… so does your skin glisten in the sunlight? that would be an indication… smiles


  3. I like the topic of this poem really. I think we are all unique in some way, and it is important for us to embrace it as we cannot deny it. It is part of us, and the name “Unique’ is a good one.


  4. Hello and lovely see you return, glad that College is as it should be. Let us all sing our praises for being unique and individual, how boring would the world be if we weren’t ~ loved the piece.


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