A Mid-Day Summer Dream|the Sun melts me…

the leaves, brittle by the hands of the sun

sway like a thirsty bird in the afternoon loo,

the streets empty of travelers, a distant voice

of screeching tires, on the melting coal tar

and the gurgling of coolers exhaling a breath

that sustains life, as June heightens into

a derogatory mark for the residents of city,


I let a beam of the celestial torch to hit me

and burn that spot where my fears hide

so that they dissolve, dissipate, rather

finding their place in some others’ abode

(I engulf selfishness, as the entire world)


– soon I retreat back to the insides as sweat

slithers along our fates, down my brow,

there is a news, I have received a provisionary

admission letter from a college managed by

a council under ministry of tourism,

the heat flushes my cheeks, I’m deranged

while making a decision of such propensity,

there is a solemn expression I see in me

twinkling in my eyes, for in order to

catch a dream, I have to shatter all others

and leave them combusted into fires of sun,


a day would come (if it would, my mortality

glares at me, while the living alludes me)

when to look back, I wonder what I’d find:

the dead remains of those dreams I left out

or a face that is of me, beaming and mocking,

as the sun sets down nowhere when I’m asleep


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21 thoughts on “A Mid-Day Summer Dream|the Sun melts me…

  1. I especially liked the idea that in order to catch a dream a person has to sometimes shatter all others and leave them combusted into fires of sun. Perhaps there will be another time in life when one can pick up those old dreams once again as well. I think a dream once dreamed is never really forgotten.


  2. Somehow I have the idea you are in India HA_-maybe I am completely off–but wherever, once strongly gets the sense of intense heat here–the leaves brittle with it, the absorption of it, the sweat and then to have to make a decision in the middle of it all–the difficulty of that and tryingt o think what that will feel like later–well done! Good luck! I will check to see where you. Thanks! k .


  3. It seems the heat where you are can reach proportions I’d never imagine, HA. I am glad you got that letter. You may have to renounce a few dreams for now but it does not mean you have to renounce them for ever. All the best with college!


  4. Anmol, I love the you capture the heat in a way I would shun, though the burning away of what’s bad sounds like a good idea… So happy you have received a letter of admission… I hope that it is what you hoped for, and that the efforts on the tests have paid of.. Stay cool in the scorching heat, and make the wisest decision possible.. 😉


  5. From where I am, I don’t mind the heat and sweat ~ I like the use of sun as celestial torch burning the spot where fears hide ~

    Good luck on that letter & college~ I am sure a lot of possibilities await you ~


  6. if we really want to chase a dream we have to let go everything else….to get there…there is usually a cost…hey and congrats man…that is awesome on your letter….


  7. Congratulations on receiving the admission letter – it sounds like the realization of a dream – I agree with Brian, to chase it, you might have to set others aside – but if it is your dream go for it! You wont regret it!


  8. Heat makes choice feel more sticky and prickly than it really is. To make one and live it– is like a cool clean river. And who knows where it will go? But wherever, keep writing HA. The images and concerns of this poem are vital and could only have been written by one who feels deeply.


  9. The sun can be brutal and destructive, yes. However, it can also be nourishing and breath life into all things. You can choose what type of sun you want to be. Nourish all your dreams. No need to shatter the others. Good luck to you and beautiful poem! I love the painting on the top too.


  10. hypercryptical says:

    What a wonderful write, so rich in images, so beautiful to read.
    Congrats on the letter and go with what you feel is right. (I agree with Mary F. above – nourish all your dreams.)
    Anna :o]


  11. A great poem and one should always go after their dream..put on those running shoes and chase it until you reach it..and then strive for more..best of luck in your journey..


  12. Courtney Romano says:

    So beautiful. I love the image of catching a dream and shattering others – also the juxtaposition of mortality glaring and living alluding is exactly right. I really love your work.


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