A Summer Day, A Righteous Right

loudspeakers laughing as the electricity is cut off

and the door to be thrust away from its hinges

to allow a wisp of the wind to course through, and

warm the already sticking skin, bewildered with

tears coursing down (I am drowning, in puddles of

sweat and noise and dust, this confusing love)


beep– beep– beep: I mimic the vehicles, I

can be a ventriloquist, or better a mime

copying actions in a frenzy of seconds to

sew myself away from boredom that which would

eventually turn the story upside down, how fun

to read words not meant for you, it is juicy

like the gossip among the clouds who are

on a strike against relief, against mercy


I am a hunchback, a monkey(a ta(i)l(e) is missing)

perusing the benefits of food and drink,

to shoo away the flies of action, ants of

angular articulations,


let me rise… up, up, up,

let me be with the space, that ceiling

which we gawk at from the land, so to loot

some respite from this heat burning within me

and out, shriveling the aspects of this day

I have yet to explore… all these days

I have yet to explore…


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3 thoughts on “A Summer Day, A Righteous Right

  1. You described the unbearable heat so well anmol. The imagery of being on the ceiling to escape is wonderful. Gossip among the clouds another great line and visual. What temperatures are you having?


  2. there is so much still to explore….sounds like you are getting some brutal heat…i have known days of keeping the doors and windows open jus to get a whiff of a breeze to break the heat….i felt the connection to the cars and traffic to be very effective…

    how have you been?


    • Hello,
      I am doing alright… quite disinterested in blogging right now and I am not writing as well. That adds into the frustration and thus, I have a mum presence nowadays.
      I trust you are doing good and enjoying the vacation time. 🙂


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