Being a Shadow

the luster of the day light dances in front of me,

and I try to catch it, only to find myself burning,

my skin turning into ashes, a tingling sensation

that comforts me, like rubbing my hands on silk,

only more real, more closer to touch, picturing

the black lines of my desire, of getting absorbed

into the world of no one, splayed onto the wall,

sensing the pain of being in close vicinity of light,

yet not being able to keep a part of it with me,

for I occur with it, without it, straying from it,

for I am a shadow, sometimes dotted with

the precious beams piercing me, but often

found alone, listening to your awes as

you look for your shape, your own self in me


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13 thoughts on “Being a Shadow

  1. ” Getting absorbed Into the world of no one” sounds like a difficult place to be…and someone looking for their shape in someone else sounds less than desirable as well!


  2. i like the relationship between the two in this…one not existing really without the other…shadow and light are like that…smiles.

    every time you private your blog you worry me, you know…ha.


    • Thank you. Yes, it is sometimes a cathartic experience for me and some other times, I am a story teller weaving a tale in a poem. But in the end, I am just leaving a trace of me in the written word.


      • Oh wow. I shall have to show Cimmorene (my missus) your blog– she loves the storytelling tradition so, and writing in general.

        A trace of self… yes, that’s an eloquent way to put it.


  3. very interesting how you describe the closeness and being dependent upon the other… yet a certain pain is palpable as well… i guess it is like this if you just cannot exist apart from the other


  4. Shadows are quite an interesting part of us. They are but they are not. They come with is whether we want them to or not and though they are us, they are nothing. They cannot speak of feel or think. They are just there. It would be kinda interesting to trade places, at least for a few minutes but then I would have to jump back to ‘myself’. Very thought provoking piece;)


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