Beach Enthusiasm Haiku

slight rain at the beach

sea waves lapping at my feet

running on water


running on water

hands flapping in the sea-breeze

clouds rumble above


clouds rumble above

 enthusiastic deep breaths

pebbles beneath feet

* I had thought of including my own photograph to accompany this set.  But I couldn’t find it. There is a ‘my’ reference in the haiku but I wanted to clarify that it isn’t my photograph and the actual source is provided along with it.

* For Carpe Diem 254 # Enthusiasm.

10 thoughts on “Beach Enthusiasm Haiku

  1. What a nice series about the beach and your enthousiastic running along the water … nrings good memories to me. Long walks (no running) along the seashore, playing with the sand, sun and the breeze. Great memories. Thank you for sharing.


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