an ocean story

down the lanes of persistence and sweat,
there are waves lapping at the mind’s cliff,
seeking restoration of things wild and vain,

I see with my squid eyes the promulgation
of morrows bound to my brows, lives are tarnished
by the salt of this ocean of continuity, despite
a range of cul de sacs of mediocrity,

I ache to parch my thirst through drowning,
I seek virtues in the bleeding sun touched by
paints of this allegory. I have seen tempests
and treacheries, I have witnessed moats
of luxury, and the contrasts that lie within
these stories.

the vastness doesn’t exemplify loss but transcends it
into a lonesome lore,
I can feel the brush of drops and sand coming
awash, on my face, as my limbs stretch out
to become the shore, where

sirens sing and muses muse a melancholic hymn,

a reverie is lost and found, thus becoming –

it was meant to lose itself in turquoise ripples,
for the fates of my nature and your culture
are misaligned.

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Beach Enthusiasm Haiku

slight rain at the beach

sea waves lapping at my feet

running on water


running on water

hands flapping in the sea-breeze

clouds rumble above


clouds rumble above

 enthusiastic deep breaths

pebbles beneath feet

* I had thought of including my own photograph to accompany this set.  But I couldn’t find it. There is a ‘my’ reference in the haiku but I wanted to clarify that it isn’t my photograph and the actual source is provided along with it.

* For Carpe Diem 254 # Enthusiasm.