The few words I use everyday…

The few words I use everyday

to describe myself

the condition I am in

fall short of

how I actually feel.

I am not very expressive, I know

but I try to express

my emotions, my feelings

my everything through the words I write

which fall short of how it feels

to be trapped within a cage

which opens up everyday and you can go out,

but with a sensor attached to you-

you are given freedom

which fall short of what you need,

you are caged even when the cage is open.

 I speak out these words

to express how I feel

which falls short of

how it actually feels.

15 thoughts on “The few words I use everyday…

  1. Wonderful words and you “show”you feelings through your writing very well. 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing. Also thank you for visiting my blog. I`ll sure come back to read more of your writings.


  2. Keep on expressing your feelings 🙂 Your “you are caged even when the cage is open” is similar to a line in one of mine “No encontré la salida de mi jaula de cristal.” …I couldn’t find the way out of my crystal cage”. And thanks for stoppng by my blog, saludos


  3. Would you like to wrire a poem from my blog? I’m getting them from people around the world and the idea is that people can get to know other cultures, but really it seems that we’re all similar deep down 🙂


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