A self I have that kills when I am looking away

there I am decaying in

garbled words that escape my mouth,

divine intervention necessary

to keep me balanced on the ground,

as I burst open my tongue

throwing darts of mantras of

the language inherent in my nature

(which I would understand but I couldn’t),


that replies to stories of the future devised

that coils around my toes, up my thighs

piercing the heart with screeching pain

of ability hindered by self

that disintegrates with the slightest touch,


I am wicked, wane, vulturous, picking,

biting into my own putrid flesh

that reeks of ignorance and curse

of being the being that I am,


the night doesn’t offer condolences

but hypnotizes me in a lullaby

and the day virtuously smiles

keeping me adrift on a rowing boat

that only stays afloat to be falling apart,


they come and suck my vicious blood

to be cursed with my curse that is,

they arrive and leave their marks

which I rip apart to flow more of my self

as a bait for the poor enemy to consume me

before I dissect myself into pieces

spread on a broken road, lungs deflated,

stomach churning feet away, and my heart

in my palms, leaking, shrieking, as life

strangles it into numbness and there’s silence


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Trespassing all the way|_|As Existence Glistens

trespassing through a body made up of

jungle leaves, water weeds, fossil prints,

I engender a whole history in me, of rock

archives of gullible paints, of guitar riffs

eternally hovering in layers of time, but


then I am a trespasser, just passing by

(though sometimes it seems like a very

long distance, and other times, it is

just so short, like an old pair of socks)

today I am, tomorrow someone else

who would make the skin crawl all over

once again, because cowardice is true

and nothing else, in this banana peel

that you slip over as if its your own life,

that you can hitchhike anytime, I do so

in my dreams finding the end in blood

(fearsome.. ain’t it.. what truth beseeches)


I crackle my pale nails of toes, of fingers

that wriggle like an alien creature but I am

as well, (remember) a trespasser,  through

life forms, through elements, so to burn

and drown, and ravaged by air, or buried

in the heart of the soil, and still existence

glistens as long as there is a color in me,

as long as I can draw lines, series of circles,

I stay forever, but never when my palette

goes dry, and then I’d whisper goodbye


For dVerse Meeting the Bar.

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it is a stage, an arena for the drama

of love, of lust, of death, of lukewarm

pain mingled in the milk that you sip

every night, licking the remnant mirth

that which still remains in tears of Pompeii


ash, ash, ash, I see ash, I kiss sublime art

of the fates, renewing with every birth

arriving with scars one can not erase,

one can see how it streamed, the lava

ravishing every sinew, skin and shirt,

it is a stage, an arena, above and under,

where past reels its role in the blessed lore


For Oloriel’s Poetry Prompt at We Drink Because We’re Poets, where the task is to write a reverse acrostic using one of the words suggested.

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She sneaks behind me,

walking my shadow along incensed path.

She kindles the fiery spirit encompassed in me.

People ask, “Do you see her much?”

I do.

She is before I am.

I am her. My nature she is…

She is me.


*For Yeah Write Weekly Writing Challenge.

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Two-faced lamp post… I smolder with night

Veranda : © g.s.koch

the lamp post

would burst its faces

this night, when

I’d wake up

from my sleep of haunted lights,

breaking this mirror


of night lights,

to be the gleam of

the mad moon,

the rife ruins,

of the past breathing in me

and sighing bright lights,



this night into flames

of a fuel,

of an ache,

that which burns it all with me

into lights of night,


nothing left

but the acrid smell

of sly smoke,

of dying blocks,

spewing fumes of burned up night,

black with the lamp lights


For Bastet’s Shadorma Photo Prompt. And yes, I traveled the road of rhymes… I am a rule breaker. ;-) Hope that is alright.


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