Day 23: A Book You Wanted But You Haven’t Read So Far

Well, that is a really big title and the same would be my list of such books (in no particular order):

1. The Grapes of Wrath (I am stuck on Pg.50 or somewhere around)

2. The Book Thief

3. Much Ado About Nothing (well it is a drama, still I am sharing it because I discontinued to read it somewhere around in Act II. I want to complete it.)

4. The Bourne Supremacy (I read the first book and started the second one but I got bored after reading the first two chapters)

5. The Divine Comedy

6. The God of Small Things

There are many others but it is better if I end the list here.

It is just that if I start reading a book and get disturbed in the first few pages, I just abruptly stop reading it anymore. And it lies waiting for me so that I could find it once again. There are many books I couldn’t read because I found the language to be the main hindrance. Yes, I find it difficult to feel the book if I am not comfortable with the language. Wuthering Heights is a book I tried to read repeatedly but nothing was making sense to me.

I am more of a modernist when it comes to books. I would rather read a good new novel rather than devoting my time to a classic I can’t enjoy. I am myself reading Jane Eyre right now and I am quite enjoying it but not without a little frustration over the long introspective paragraphs or the dialogues which get sometimes quite tedious to read. But it is not disturbing me to an extent that I would stop reading it.

In simple words, we must read what we enjoy or something we find would enrich our minds and souls in some way. Have a good time and happy reading! Read anything… but just read and keep on reading.

And at last something for you to think about:


Frock: A 100 Word Story

Copyright – Janet Webb

The not-so-red, slightly pink frock was hovering in the air and it appeared as if  an invisible girl was clad in it, hung there by the side-railing.

Momma, see that pretty frock,” the girl walking along her mother by the street, pointed towards this piece of cloth.

“It is pretty.”

“I want it,” her eyes glinted with hope.

“I’ll ask dada to get one for you.”

“But I want this one,” she tugged at her mother’s arm, restraining to move any further.

“Don’t whine.”


She was pulled up in the arms and taken away, her eyes adorned with tears.


This is written in consideration of the Friday Fictioneers writing prompt.

My Dreamy World

Drawing through my senses-

The dreamy world

Where there is me

And my peace,

I come across another thing

I would want in my dreamy world-

Something I have been ignoring for so long.

What I want is a nice flock of people

Whom I can love

And who can love me

And we live in peace together happily

In the world, so dreamy.

The Choice is Mine

the moment the impalpable fruit comes up on the horizon

the nightly spots of light attract me, asking me to fade away with them that time

the choice is mine whether-

I want to be a seed of the sweet rising fruit or

the shine of the fading spots of night light.

Get the hell out of me…

I have realized

I don’t want you in my life

Just get out, get out of my mind

Get the hell out of me

I hate you

I loath you

I don’t want you

Get out of me

I want to live

I want this life

I want to live this life

I want to do everything

This is my life and it is mine

Leave its control right now

Get out

Get the hell out of me

I don’t want you

You are just my mental disorder

What can you do?

Get the hell out of me.