Day 22: Favorite Villain From A Book

First of all, I am skipping the prompt for day 21 which pertained to discussing your favorite childhood books. Well, I discussed them already with the prompt for day 14 (favorite childhood authors).

The next prompt is really difficult for me to answer. Villain- well, if truth be said, I did not find the villains/antagonists impressive from the books I have read. May be there are some great villains in many books out there, but I haven’t read them.

If I consider it again, I would consider the governments to be the worst villains. I have read many Sidney Sheldon novels and in almost each one of them, the government plays a negative role.

Like in The Doomsday Conspiracy, a section of the government conspires to kill a number of people and send their agent with wrong information that he had to only look for them so that the government could just talk to them. If I say anything more, the whole story will be revealed. And in The Sands of Time, the Spanish government is all set to kill the Basque rebels due to which lives of certain nuns also come into jeopardy.

I think the governments do make good villains. Because they are easy to loath by the readers because of the fact that they are already are fed up of their respective governments. What do you think about it?

I haven’t got anything else to discuss in this post. That is all. Who is your favorite villain? Tell me a good one so that I could read that book and start liking him/her myself.