Right2Write Prompt 2: Movie Mania

It is time for the second Right2Write Prompt. But before I discuss about it, I would like to thank the three bloggers who participated in last week’s prompt. You can read their entries through these links:- Marbles in My Pocket, MindLoveMisery and Wordifull Melanie. They have all done a great job, making the photograph an intrinsic part of their creations.

Now, for this week’s prompt, I would like you all to write anything- short story/poem/thoughts in general based on the story of your favorite movie. Pay a dedication to that movie through your words. You can even write a review if you want.

General Guidelines:-

1. Upper Word Limit- 500 words

2. Spread the word around. Since, the prompt is still new, it would take a bit of time before more writers would participate in the prompt.

3. Read the posts submitted by other bloggers. This is the only way by which we could frame a community through acknowledging each others’ efforts and sharing our views.

That is all. You can add the links to your posts in the linking widget.


What an Outsider knows about Occupy Wall Street Movement

I am trying to participate in the Weekly Writing Challenge for the first time, that too on the topic I’m not much familiar with. I like to know what’s going around the world but the particular phenomena of occupy movements, taking place in some of the countries last year couldn’t grab my attention. I’m not sure why but it all seemed very impractical to me.

The problems being discussed under these movements persist in every economy- there is nothing, here by nothing- I mean nothing instrumental, that can be done in bringing down or preventing the inequalities. Rich and poor, in economics- what we try to distinguish as poor and non-poor are the prevalent social groups; it isn’t practical to consider the conversion(at a major level with the interference of economic leaders) of the poor into non-poor and vice-versa because such things, in general, are not of much significance for the big economies where primary aim is economic growth and not necessarily overall development, even though the political leaders keep on babbling about bringing forth social justice and equality. But that seems like a distant dream when we think about it in practical sense.

I am here focusing particularly on the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I am sorry but I don’t know much about it, neither am I going to read about it right now. I am just going to write what I came to know and what I think about this particular movement. I am not representing all the outsiders(non-Americans) but since I’m an outsider- I would call it

What an Outsider knows about Occupy wall Street Movement?

1. Many Americans gathered together for yet another cause, which many other Americans don’t give a damn about. I am not being prejudiced in my opinion but may be I am.

2. The movement actually came forth because of the frustration of the increasing unemployed in the United States, even when they might themselves have been at fault but they found a great way of blaming everything on some one else, here the political and economic leaders.

3. It might have been a political stunt on the part of most respected Mr. Obama. I won’t explain it further.

4. Money factor- Increasing Income Inequality was one of the most important talked about matters under the Movement which I completely would be ready to protest against myself because an increase in the overall income(GNP) won’t be of any good, if it is not divided equally among the “committed” work force of the country but as I earlier mentioned, such problems arise when you want economic growth.

5. It was for the first time that the Americans realized and made the world realize that Capitalist economy is not necessarily the best form of economy, what with all the decisions being left to the free play of the market forces.

6. Corruption- Being a resident of India where corruption exists at every door-step, I won’t be commenting on this particular matter.

7. Was it only me or did you also notice that the large no. of protesters were indeed young? Well, I didn’t follow the activities of the movement much- so, I can be wrong but if it was really so, it is a great news that the youth of the world’s largest economy(its not China yet, right?) came forth to do something for the societal benefits.

So, here are my views and my overall knowledge about the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Now, I would like to apologize if I did hurt someone’s feelings unknowingly as a result of my lack of knowledge regarding the matter or may be because of some other reasons, if any.


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Came across these pictures on internet. These beautiful views made me feel so good…. My mood was somehow lifted but then, all of a sudden I was saddened.

But why? What made me saddened? Was it because I haven’t seen these views with my own eyes? Or because I feel grieved seeing the beauty(not only in these pictures) but all around me which I was unable to notice?

Every moment… Every tiny second of our life is beautiful whether we are in a drought-prone desert or up above in the eternal sky.

Live the Life- this life is something precious… yes it is my precious, your precious and our precious….