Vacation: A 100 Word Story


Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

“Where do you wanna go for the vacation?” he asked his two whiny teenage kids.

“Beach…, sea-side of course, dad. I want to sit, seeing the white-foamy waves of the sea, and read,” the gangly fourteen-year old said.

“Nerd!” replied his twin sister who couldn’t be any more different than him, “Don’t listen to him. We’ll go to the hill-side. I would love to hike. Oh! It is going to be so much fun…”



“How about a hilly region where there is a beach?”

“I’ll manage,” they groaned together.

They did not know what their father had in mind.


*For Friday Fictioneers



Under the star light, he silently moved towards her.

She was sitting on the pier, gazing at the ripples of water, appearing on the sea surface. They were on a vacation and he was in a weird mood all the time.


She heard his voice and looked back. He had a sharp knife, clenched in his left hand with a mad look in his eyes. She was speechless, her mouth gasped open. Coming back to her senses, she shrieked.

“Listen, baby”

She wailed a long cry for help.

Lights switched on and people came pouring out, some spreading torchlight to brighten the night in front of them.

“What happened?”
“Who was that?”
“Did you hear…?”
“Mom, I am afraid.”
“Hey, do you know?”

Rushing towards the location, they saw the entire scene; a mad man with a knife going to kill a young woman.

“Hey…,” a brave man moved ahead, talking to the man with the knife, “Throw that away. You can’t do anything to her now.”


“Throw it away.”

He threw it away.

“And what is in you right hand. What are you hiding?”

He brought his hand forward to show a chocolate cake, resting on his palm.

A wave of shock fell across the peering crowd and the muttering started again.

“It is for my wife. It is her birthday; so I brought across a cake for her to cut down under the celestial light. It was a surprise,” he meekly said and started to cry.


* Written in response of the Trifecta Challenge: Light