Last Glimpse

tracing torn path of life,

I tickle tired fingers of words,

engrave pictures on my dead skin,


a glow then comes upon the sky,

spread over by dusk,

tending to me with a smile,


still some clouds lift to

give the last glimpse, of the sun,

so I can hear the voice of her flame


The poem comes into being by the rearrangement and slight editing of some of my tweets today. The “sixwords” and micro poetry tweets used are:

tracing the torn path of life #sixwords

hear the voice of candle’s flame #sixwords

only a glimpse of her smile #sixwords

tickling tired fingers of my words #sixwords

the sky had glowed all of a sudden,

even though the dusk was growing,

some clouds had lifted to

give the last glimpse of the sun #micropoetry

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I am going to link it up with dVerse OLN and Friday Flash 55.


Twitter Haiku Collection

Here I am posting some of the haiku I have shared on twitter (@HowAnxious). I have arranged them in a way that you get to see a continuous slide of images:-

a bright sunflower

play of clouds and sun begins

touching the petals


sun burning orange

a dance with fiery dragon

evening flames of clouds


the sunbeam hours fold

blue-black-blue hues splashed across

fire coming to rest


thunderbolt of Zeus

a hapless beggar praying

monsoon shower starts


lightning strikes at night

silence abound everywhere

the devil’s treasure


More Social Networking!


Well I am now on twitter. Its been quite a while since I was thinking of making a twitter account. 

So you can follow me at @HowAnxious. You can follow me and of course, I will follow you back. And if you want, type out your twitter username down in the comments section. I will look into your profile and follow you. But I am new to twitter; so it would take a bit of time for me to get into the flow of the website. So, bear with me..

And moreover, I have been consistent in updating my goodreads account since last year but I haven’t got any friends there. You can be my friend there and we could share our reviews about the various books we have read. You can reach me at Red Rose.

And I am going to set up the goodreads and the twitter widget in the sidebar so that it would be easy for you to pay me a visit. 

That is all.