Dripping: A 3 Sentence Story

The aged man was resting in the shade of the peepal tree on a hot and humid afternoon, when a sparrow maneuvered into the thick green branches, rustling the leaves in the otherwise silent atmosphere. The tired man didn’t notice the arrival of the newcomer. He just stroked his fingers over his cheeks where the bird’s dripping fell down over him, in his sleep.

* Written in response of the Trifextra Challenge.



“I feel infinite,” she whispered.


“I feel infinite sitting here on the top of the world.”

“Me too,” he softly replied, “But wait, you have copied it from a book, haven’t you?”



1. Written for the Trifextra Challenge

2. “I feel infinite” is a phrase that appears in Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower.