I think I heard them talking along these lines…

This is one of the two… “J______t”

“My eyes are screened. I had three. I have them still but I can not see. I changed a lot from the colour of sun bathing grass to that of wet sand… and all that I wish now is to see”

“I think you can make up for it by revelling in the benefits of each of your organs.”

“Do you talk about my coarse hair over hard epidermis, those wretched fronds, or my grease; well you sure don’t talk about my milk. Do you? They are not for me. All I have for me are the eyes that I wish I could open and go fish.”

“Ah! You rhyme so that I feel it in my seeds.”

“And do they stick within your fruit and reach those humans when bulbs of your yellow flesh, they do pick?”

“Yes. But they know how to get rid of it.”

“My green, prickly love; how I envy thee and your clinging to the life source, the life-tree. Your heart beats with the earth. I am forlorn having fallen off, sitting atop the sand. I have forgotten the story of my birth.”

“And how I despise the way they stab me and when they wash away my sticky love. I am the pieces in the curry while you form the base of it.”

“How does it matter? We become the food that they eat and into their stomachs we go, giving to the world our last bow.”

“I am rather glad that we are picked off. Wouldn’t it be befouling that despite of our benefits for them, we remain ignored? I say I love those vegetarians.”

“You do. So I do. I feel their arrival. May be they will first remove my blindfold and let my pearl white entrails gaze at the sky so I could cry.”

“And there you go. I shall wait. My turn would come when my entrails would kiss their hands. Goodbye friend.”


The spot of the sand where the one who wanted to see rested was left with a hollow, a single long brown dried hair bequeathed by him to the past he left for, for the present, was left in the wake.

“Kalpataru…” A song lasted forever in the wind.


For Oloriel’s Tale Weaver’s Prompt at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie. Can you guess the names of the “two people” in conversation here? I have already provided the photo of one.

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Oh thy beauty-

Unfathomable, obtrusive,

Thy beauty, a gifted gift, a treasured treasure,

Thou bow before and meditate over the shallow river,

Thou see through it all,

thy love, thy soul,

Finding, looking at thy moon-face,

Smile ever present on thy lips, thou looking for thyself everywhere,

The nymphs envy thee,

Aphrodite spites thee,

Persephone wants thee


Oh thy vanity-

Unfathomable, obtrusive,

Thy vanity, a banning bane, a grieving grievance,

Thou bow before and mull over the shallow river

Thou know it all,

thy pride, thy conceit,

Ever-present on thy wretched face,

Sneer ever present on thy lips, thou look for thy shadow everywhere,

The nymphs snigger at thee,

Aphrodite spites thee,

Persephone snubs thee


Thy beauty, thy vanity-

Circe wanted thy love,

Loved thee with ferocity,

The magician-witch wanted thee,

Wanted thee but thou sneered, chortled at her,

And in her vengeance, she cursed thee,

Cursed thee for herself, cursed thee for thyself,

Banished to Hades, thy life lost,

Cursed thee for herself, cursed thee for thyself,

Meditate over the dead river… River Styx,

In those frothy rotten waters, thou mull over


Thy beauty, thy vanity, thy curse-


* For dVerse. Again, I haven’t used the prompt directly; rather I have used the main theme- water, river, etc., as a component of my creation. It is nevertheless a necessary element in the story of Narcissus.

* There are many mythological tales related to Narcissus; in some he was loved by Echo, in some, Nemesis punished her, and as such. I have narrated a tale; the references to which I read in a poem on Persephone I read just yesterday. I have added a little bit of my own imagination here.

leaving for her journey

Hello bloggers,

I got a wonderful opportunity to work with the lovely Merbear and you know what, we ended up creating this poem together. Please read and share your views.

leaving for her journey

She was binding her hair in a bun

Readying herself for the journey ahead

Which may take her to distances unknown

Bring in her the sense of being alive

She had never felt ever before

She was leaving behind all her fears

For the adventure that awaited her


Her stomach coiled like a snake

Past torments licking at her heels

Dare she run so fast and proud?

Her life not worthy of a fairy tale

She sighs so loudly she startles herself

Trapped emotions needing to meet air

Praying to breathe air


The stream of tears fell down her cheeks

Which she didn’t even care to wipe away

She was looking for a happy ending

Which she had to find herself in her own way

She picked up her hand bag of happy memories

And moved ahead towards her cage door

And pushed it open, it wasn’t locked


Desperate echoes of her soul

Beckoning to her aching heart

Calling her to where she needs to be

She trembles with trepidation

Limbs weakened by the struggle

Her life never drawn before

By her own personal design


She was never meant to be free

Doubts crossing her mind

When she had just seen the sunshine

But she would never return back

And thence, she flies away

Its true leaving is difficult but

Once you have left, it is easy not to turn back


Then the breeze whispered her name

A lullaby warm and soothing

Like balm for her battered soul

Bringing her back to herself

Oh, she thought she had been lost!

Smiling inside herself with pure joy

For her true path was known all along