7 Distractions When Having A Bad Time

We all feel bad sometimes. Sadness invades the whole thought-process and we could do nothing but being melancholic about our whole situation. There is another bad, when you are in depression, you lose yourself in the world that pulsates within the contours of your mind. These are the times when you tend to hurt yourself. Sometimes you make a decision you might regret later on. Just remember you are not alone and try to distract yourself away from your own self. That is a way of dealing with it. There are medications, which might turn your mind off and make you go to sleep but distractions are a much better alternative according to me.

Here I am going to discuss seven such distractions:-

1. Talk to Someone: You tend to part yourself from the world when something like that happens. You want no living soul in your vicinity but still talk to some one. Look for a friend, a family member, who would understand you and let everything be released- all the sadness, hurts, confusion, everything.

If you do not have a person like that in your life, you can talk to some one reliable on the internet, some one you have known quite a while and some one who is aware of your situation. Talk it out. Just relieve yourself of all your doubts, of your hopelessness, and of all your thoughts that are killing you.

2. Write: Writing is a good therapy. If you do not think you can bear talking to anyone, write down. Write down everything- every thought, every feeling, every emotion coursing through your mind. Write it down. You have to bring it all out of your system.

I know it is hard to do so but confront it. You cannot hide forever- just write. It would not hurt.

3. Let the tears flow: Tears signify your inner-voice, which is telling you to adopt silence and stream down all your worries away through those emeralds that appear in your eyes. Some might think shedding tears is the ultimate sign of weakness but that is not true. You are strong if you cry because you are letting yourself react to your situation in a way, which might help you get over it.

Once after you have let them flow, you tend to feel a little better or many times tired. Just lie down and take a nap. When you wake up, things would be much better.

4. Read a book: Escaping into a fiction world is a good way but still, it must be adopted once you have tried fighting against your sadness and if you do not feel any better, book is your safe haven.

It is also necessary for you to read a book which would not trigger emotions of hopelessness in you. Always read a book that tells a story or may be read one you have already read but only those which wouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself.

5. Watch a movie: Yes, like a book, you can find solace in a movie as well. But just like in case of a book, please be careful in the type of movie you are watching. Avoid sad movies in simple words; select a humor or a suspense thriller.

6. Eat something: Food plays a very important role for our well-being. It is necessary for you to be healthy physically in order to maintain your mental health. Eat healthy meals; drink a glass of milk or some fresh juice. Have ample amount of proteins and vitamins.  Adopt it for every time.

But do not binge eat when you are sad. Yes, food might seem like a very good way of dealing with things. I have adopted it myself a number of times but I have regretted it later on every time. Hence, eat healthy when having a bad time and in moderate amounts, only as much as you are capable of ingesting.

7. Sleep: Sometimes lack of sleep brings you to such a situation. Thus, always sleep for appropriate amount of hours and try to have a fixed pattern of sleep; meaning go to bed at the same time every day. When you are feeling bad, just lie down and try to think of something positive or just frame a story in your mind.

Distract yourself by your own imagination and creativity and try to sleep it away.

Okay, I have discussed some of the ways you can distract yourself when you are having a bad time. This is an opinionated piece. I never meant to harm anyone’s sentiments. These are just my opinions. I haven’t written with a medical point of view. I am just trying to suggest something that has worked for me in the past. If you are clinically depressed and are on your medication, take it as your doctor has prescribed you.

Some times nothing works. Just keep one thing in mind always, you have to survive. You have to go through it. There will be a much better tomorrow. You can do it. You can fight it. You can.

Are Memories any Good?

What are memories meant for? Why do they nurture within your being and then slowly consumes you, dragging you away from what is present and what will be the future?

I have always pondered about the significance or the side-effects of memories in life. I have always wondered whether the memories are good or bad. What I have always heard and read is that-

“Memories if memorized without any loathing for the present but just for recreating the memorable times you had, once you’re feeling bad is definitely good but when memories cover your decisions and your activities in the present, that is of course going to be terrible for you.”

Well, that is what I have known for so long but still, I don’t believe it- somehow, I think memories are going to restrict you, create a boundary which can’t be crossed, troubling you whenever you find a difficult situation- isn’t it so?

I have put much of my faith in memories quite a lot many times. I don’t know whether I was right in doing so or not but I know one thing- that phase had been the most difficult phase of my life. That doesn’t mean that faith of mine in memories has completely drowned, it still comes by marking the same difficult phase of life to bear for me.

Memories disturb me, though they were good once but are they bad now?

They- these memories make me perceive things in their most ideal way but when is life ideal? You can’t have everything in life in the way you want. If you had had good experiences in the past framing those good-old memories, that doesn’t mean that life is never going to get tough on you. I have experienced it in my personal life and hence, I write- for may be this wouldn’t help anyone but at least me(in such matters, I have already learnt that being selfish is the best way to be chosen because you are the one who matters the most to you), may be it won’t even help me but I would in any case know what I do feel(that is what I gain when I write).

Memories- they are those dried flowers which you have kept within your diaries as a sweet reminder of their blossom.

Isn’t it so? Well, I think it is. Memories, therefore, disturb me and for me, it is more of a side-effect to your emotional and mental well being rather than proving itself to be significant.

Well, what do I know? I don’t know anything. Still, I never forget to mention what I feel and that is what I have done right now.

You’re also allowed(requested) to mention what you feel. Tell me, Are memories any good?