He was about to go out when she interrupted, “Best of Luck for the meeting. Come, I will get for you a bowl of curd and sugar for good luck.”

“Don’t you know I don’t like to be called while going out,” he sneered.

“I am just asking you to do so for your own success,” she reasoned.

“Please don’t think about me and do your own work,” he angrily replied, “I haven’t married you so that you could become a hassle for me.”

“I am just trying to keep you happy,” she said in a teary voice.

“If you want to keep me happy, just do what you are asked to do.”
“And don’t cry in front of me.”

“A burden… yes, that is what she is,” he mumbled to himself, leaving for the office, without giving a single glance to his weeping wife.

“Why can’t he love me?”
“Why can’t he just accept me?”
“I was not married off to live a life like this.”

She cried and asked the open air, these questions and then cried even more.

Wiping away her tears after a few minutes, “I must not let these thoughts come to my mind,” she told herself.

“These are demonic thoughts.”
“I must respect my husband. He is everything I have got.”
“I should try harder to please him and continue to do so even if he doesn’t pay any attention towards me.”
“I am a wife and I must fulfill my duty as the homemaker.”

She had all but forgotten the ill-treatment she was subjected to by her own husband and went off to the kitchen to prepare the meal for the day.



I was quite disappointed when I didn’t get any response on my previous blog which I wrote with great pleasure and happiness. For once, I thought of stopping to be a part of wordpress.com any longer but see, I’m here. Its not so easy to stop blogging once when you have  started it.

This brief lapse of time when my involvement on wordpress was considerably less, I started reading once again and that too maniacally; completely the three hunger games books in one go. It helped me to get my mind off from the upcoming results. And yes, now I am well done with the 11th grade; my result being pretty decent which made me happy.

Now, I am all risen… rather I am now rising to take another step of my life and that is going to be the 12th grade and I am aiming at accomplishing certain targets so that I can rise and pass this particular step in a noticeable and pleasant way.

These targets are “may be morbid” for you but they hold significance in my life and in the life of many other people. Many people must have already achieved these necessary targets but I am finding myself able and efficient to achieve them now.


We are a part of society and hence, it is compulsory for me to be an active participant in the activities of the society. And this is one of the many things I was trying to avoid in the last many years.

I am indeed in simple words quite anti social. It has always been difficult for me to talk, to get involved with the pupils around me. I have always defended myself  by saying and thinking that it is because of my parents who never allowed me much to make friends or to engage and be a part of the groups. But, that time has gone and I can’t do anything in that regard but one thing that I must do is to try and become social today ; after all it is never too late.

It becomes obligatory for anyone and everyone to be social after a certain stage because its healthy and moreover, very necessary for one’s success in life.

Point to remember:- Being social doesn’t mean having thousands of friends on facebook, etcetra

2. BE MYSELF- Another important target I have to achieve is to be myself.


Love yourself, being yourself- How much necessary it has become in today’s hard paced life; full of peer-pressure.

I want to look like this guy/girl, oh this guy smokes and he is the coolest guy ever: I must smoke as well, etcetra and etcetra

True, isn’t it?- We always want to outcast ourselves as some being who is simply and completely different from us.

Why? I really don’t know. I thing being original is what matters; and hence, being myself at all circumstances is another target I have to achieve.


This target is very much identical to the previous one. Being myself would eventually help me acquire self-confidence.

But still, its not simple all over. Once you have accepted yourself; then it is also necessary for you to gain that “confidence” in yourself- the confidence that is the prerequisite for any achievement you want to achieve.

Hence, it would be necessary for me to achieve this confidence in myself- this confidence I would require to survive the ladder of success in life. Once, I get to confide in me, I think I would be able to achieve everything I desereve.


Spreading love- Ah! This is something which is not meant for your own good but still for your own good.

Because the more you spread love, the more you get love. It is as simple as that.

So spread love, it is for your own good. Love- the word that binds everything and anything. This love is the supreme power which would eventually make you a better being

Hence, it is another target I would love to achieve.

THESE are the targets I would have to necessarily achiever for leading a happy and cheerful life.

I think there are various targets you would also like to share which are necessary for everyone to achieve. So, don’t forget to share them.