a semblance of sanity

a fanged sun appears in the sky,
spewing light that digs into the skin,
forming crevices of an uninhibited tomorrow.

it’s an initiation, a baptism from the past
as little kid fingers hold you apart
from the lethal essence of your own myth.

I bite my own tail, unbound, I see faith
in spontaneity raveling from its burrow,
I hear the rustle of the grass beneath my feet.

hunched back, I stand for the venomous kiss,
light draws caricatures on my face,
waiting, I stand, hunched back

for all that comes when the blood freezes over,
and the lips turn blue,

I beget death so that I can live.
I beget chaos so that life fulfills.

the fanged sun pierces the scales
of my existence.

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The legends of America describe the snake totem with following terms: “Impulsive, primal energy, shrewdness, rebirth, transformation, initiation, and wisdom”.

I made a post today particularly because of this :


That which pulsates venom

A Snake of Rickshaws

onto the street, a meandering snake is there,

crawling, creeping in wayward wavelengths,

coiled with the lives of many being the skin of

this vagrant; venomous just for me because

I am a vulture of voluptuous veal, vying for

a guttural chord to escape my throat, to convey

the monotone of fear, that which resides, creeps

much like the snake of rickshaws does in my sight,


it is there right along my nerves, pulsating venom

through me, to its prey: the vinyl vessel of life


Photograph clicked 18 March’14.