We walk along

hand in hand we walk along,

singin’ for all a soul song,

we ramble through woods,

and talk of vagrant moods,

there’s no dwelling for us,

we ain’t got no home, no fuss,

round and round we roam,

look at widely arched domes,

we are nomads of true worth,

being not noble from our birth,

and thus we shall stay as we please,

everyone’s heart, love, we appease,

they ignore us, look disdained,

their bright white collars unstained,

peace is our protest, we shan’t care,

and open up our frivolous fair,

earn a penny or two and some notes,

singin’ from deep within our throats,

hand in hand we walk along,

deeming society, no ill, no wrong,

hand in hand we walk along,

singin’ for all a soul song


The Sunday Challenge at Imaginary garden with real toads celebrates the music of Woody Guthrie. What I love the most about his songs are the simplicity of rhymes and the gentle words flowing one after another. Therefore, that has been my inspiration for writing this poem. Please do share your feedback.

This is tagged as the poem for 25 November for NaBloPoMo.