Sightless eyes

An Illustration by W.T. Benda

my expression of disinterest

lined in my eyes entranced,

and agonized by furtive faces,

to express a wonder, at how

they hide the mayhem within,

I, on the other hand, I whip

out wicked words, that have me

blinded to see sun shine black,

in an eternal realm of lips that

smile back and forth toothy grins,


I can’t unsee those gay noses,

erect in a prideful posture,

nor those tight eyebrows

chiding me for my quandary,

I am blind to see gangrene

of my skin that sheds in peels,

burnt up whole, heaving fumes,

only making each glow golden,

in the periphery of vision, of

my sightless eyes, that only can see


For Imaginary Garden With Real Toads Fireblossom Friday Prompt. I will be here and there but I would find my way to your blog to read your wise words.


I have been quite inactive lately. The thing is that my exams are approaching and I was devoting the month of February towards my studies. I was doing alright but these last three days haven’t been much productive. My mind started playing games with me and well, I lost. As for writing, I am quite deserted of the words. Tension and unusual stress and even carelessness sometimes intrude my conscious to keep me from paying attention to time and make me just float in the frothy oceans of seconds.

I am not going to be around much… though, I can not be sure of anything. I gave myself a free day today so that I could get back to concentrating on what is more important from tomorrow onward. I have more or less two weeks left to do what I can do. And now that statement has quite disturbed me. I am quite a peculiar being, you might say.

Well… on a good note, I uploaded a poem(I had written in November) on you tube. I just made slides of written word on one single background and made a video of it. I know that that is absurd, but I felt like doing so: