Here comes the NaBloPoMo

Hey guys,

I will be participating in NaBloPoMo in the coming month. It is being managed by a blogging community by the name of YeahWrite and it is going to be a heck of an event. Do join right now because there is still time.

I am also joining up with a “private”(just joking :-D) team, brought together by Rarasaur (if you do not know her, then I would suggest you to visit her blogging space and say hi to her on my behalf), and it has been named Nano Poblano.

All I would have to do is write a post a day and my personal goal as such would be to write a poem a day. I sincerely hope you would support me throughout the month of November.

It has been suggested that the participants link up with the two communities- YeahWrite and BlogHer. I have, of course, linked up with YeahWrite already and here is the badge for that:

And having joined the team Nano Poblano, I get another batch:

I almost forgot to inform that I will be doing a guest blog post on YeahWrite, on 23 November as well. I will be publishing the link to the post on this site, after that

That is all for now. If you want to join, do tell me. I would love to communicate with you in that regard.

Another thing, I was meaning to ask you guys is to share a link to one of your posts, which you would like me to visit, whenever you share your words with me on any of the posts.  I would be glad to visit you. You can either copy and paste the link or use the anchor tag to create a hyperlink. WordPress allows the usage of basic html.