Rawr! Every bit of support matters

it takes a dinosaur to blow the warmth of love,

whisper a lullaby to make souls cherish the joy

of this day, marked with words that resonate

from within the heart, and felt by all the hearts,

beating not synchronized, but still melodious,

unbound and yet adjoined even in distance

like the scales of ‘saur, and thus we must rawr

when she speaks of her hurt, all in there that

never overshadowed her hopeful anecdotes

of life, living and trying out hard to be the one

you are, and thus we must rawr, all rawr now

to give voice to her voice and use that coin

of support which scintillates solicitude when used


Many of you must know Rarasaur, the ever wonderful blogger and story-teller. Her lively personality shines through wherever she takes a turn paving the way for blogger interaction.

She is a dinosaur. And she and her husband need our support today when they are confronting  a difficult situation in their life. I hope you would try to support them even in the littlest way possible. Because every bit of support matters. Please visit Rarasaur’s site and her husband, Grayson’s site to give them your kind support. You can make the Donations(Financial/Food) here:  TheQueenCreative.com/thank-you. Also, you can spread the word so that others could also help/support them in some way.


the tree of blogging-

we hold onto each other

leaves, twigs and care

The blogging community is much like a tree and we are the various leaves and twigs and we are branched together by our friendships, communications, genuine care and support for each other.

To all my readers, You matter.

I am linking this post with dVerse Poetics and I have completely transformed my writing space/blog/site, about which you can read in my previous post: Changes. I’d once again like to remind you that you can help Rarasaur and her husband by going to the aforementioned links and by spreading the word. Thank you.

A Curious Dinosaur

curious dinosaur sprinting untamed,

thumping with her whopping claws and nails,

dino goodness of green, within her, flamed,


gifted with power of humour, proclaimed

by her immense heart, and a fluffy tale,

curious dinosaur sprinting untamed,


dispersing her breath of love, she exclaimed,

seeing them bubble out of her candy scales,

dino goodness of green, within her, flamed,


she much adores especially those, claimed

to be the cryptozoological whales,

she is a dinosaur sprinting untamed,


though being quite a geek, she is also famed,

for her fun premised blog posts, with details

of the goodness of green, within her, flamed


I am writing about her unashamed,

bad rhymes, I could be sent for, in the jail,

and she is a dino rawring untamed,

with the goodness of green, within her, flamed


Rarasaur volunteered to be the subject theme of one of my poems. I browsed through her website, looking for tidbits about her. 🙂 And I thought that a villanelle would suit her personality but alas! I just couldn’t rhyme that well.

Please do share your feedback and please leave a link to one of your posts, which makes it easier for me to visit you.

If you would like me to write a poem about something/someone(may be about yourself), I would be glad to do so.

I am tagging it as the poem for 9 November for NaBloPoMo.

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