Compassion Haiku

fluttering white wings

tears of love shed on the beings

a rain-angel smiles

a rain-angel smiles

compassion for the earthlings

makes everything right


makes everything right

colors splatter on the sky

happiness abounds


happiness abounds

her compassionate smiling

reverent heads bow


reverent heads bow

the love spreads its wings to fly

peace ensues around


peace ensues around

compassion for each other

a happy ending

*For Carpe Diem # 249 Compassion.

Inspired Haiku

Kikusha Ni’s Creation:-

my body all alone

in this autumn I feel –

the dusk in rain


My inspired creations:-

alone in the field

I feel the feel of rain drops

stream of silent tears


at the edge of ship

glancing at shades of water

lone feeling of peace

P.s.- The two haiku I have created are very close to my heart. They are written in response to Carpe Diem Special 44.

My Dreamy World

Drawing through my senses-

The dreamy world

Where there is me

And my peace,

I come across another thing

I would want in my dreamy world-

Something I have been ignoring for so long.

What I want is a nice flock of people

Whom I can love

And who can love me

And we live in peace together happily

In the world, so dreamy.

Being a human… Being a human being

9/11- I can’t remember that horrifying day- I was just 6 then and I can’t seem to remember anything for more than a year. Yes, that is true. All my love to the families and friends of those who died- who were rather killed because of the inhumane things a human can do.

The human, I call myself

To show that I have a heart

I can feel

I have those tears to shed when I’m hurt

I call myself human.

But when it happens that human

Becomes a beast

Ending the peace

Taking the precious lives

Should I call myself human?