Day 07: Most Underrated Book

I am quite confused with the statement for today’s prompt. Do I have to discuss a book I have read that holds the least rating? Ahem! Why would I want to discuss about such a book? And I have also seen the term ‘underrated’ used for those books which are not commonly known but are quite good. So, that is the thing I will be writing about.

I am browsing through my goodreads list. Let’s see if I could come up with such a book.

Okay, have you ever heard of Jennifer Donnelly’s A Gathering Light? I don’t know whether many people know about it or not but I had never heard of the author or the book when I read it. It was not an easy read for me for the first time or may be I was not in the right frame of mind then. But I tried reading it once again and that time I had a quite splendid reading experience.

It has been quite a while, so, I won’t be able to give a detailed synopsis of the novel. But I will try my best.

It is mainly a story of a girl named Mattie who works in a hotel/motel. She is given a bundle of letters by a woman guest there to burn and that woman is found drowned the next day. The man who was residing with the woman is not to be found anywhere. So, the main details of the book lies in those letters which Mattie finally reads to come to know about the story of that young woman, in order to figure out the events that had happened. It is a very light-heart suspense tale. You wouldn’t have to rush. It is just that you get to unfold the mystery page by page. It is quite an interesting read, particularly because of the writing style of the author. It has some unique quality to keep you enriched, by introducing some new information slowly and slowly in the whole book.

I never wrote a review; I do not why. If I get to read it again, i would definitely share a detailed review with you all. That is all for now.

Draw me, sketch me….

Draw me, sketch me, make a portrait of the being that is me

Show me who I am, what I do, which way I should go

Show it to me through your art, tell me who I am

Write me, read me, scan me, make a novel out of me

Let me know who I am, what I do, which way I should go

Let me be known through your creativity who I am

Won’t you do this for me, this much I ask from you

Would you do this for me, I ask nothing else from you

Show me, let me know- would you?- Draw me, sketch me,

write me, read me, make a portrait, write a novel out of me.