Oh thy beauty-

Unfathomable, obtrusive,

Thy beauty, a gifted gift, a treasured treasure,

Thou bow before and meditate over the shallow river,

Thou see through it all,

thy love, thy soul,

Finding, looking at thy moon-face,

Smile ever present on thy lips, thou looking for thyself everywhere,

The nymphs envy thee,

Aphrodite spites thee,

Persephone wants thee


Oh thy vanity-

Unfathomable, obtrusive,

Thy vanity, a banning bane, a grieving grievance,

Thou bow before and mull over the shallow river

Thou know it all,

thy pride, thy conceit,

Ever-present on thy wretched face,

Sneer ever present on thy lips, thou look for thy shadow everywhere,

The nymphs snigger at thee,

Aphrodite spites thee,

Persephone snubs thee


Thy beauty, thy vanity-

Circe wanted thy love,

Loved thee with ferocity,

The magician-witch wanted thee,

Wanted thee but thou sneered, chortled at her,

And in her vengeance, she cursed thee,

Cursed thee for herself, cursed thee for thyself,

Banished to Hades, thy life lost,

Cursed thee for herself, cursed thee for thyself,

Meditate over the dead river… River Styx,

In those frothy rotten waters, thou mull over


Thy beauty, thy vanity, thy curse-


* For dVerse. Again, I haven’t used the prompt directly; rather I have used the main theme- water, river, etc., as a component of my creation. It is nevertheless a necessary element in the story of Narcissus.

* There are many mythological tales related to Narcissus; in some he was loved by Echo, in some, Nemesis punished her, and as such. I have narrated a tale; the references to which I read in a poem on Persephone I read just yesterday. I have added a little bit of my own imagination here.