Sometimes I forget my name

sometimes I forget my name

in the thrust of the wind

and thirst of the mind,

I am hanging along the lines

of identities, in crisis of

life, in need of a clarity


sometimes I forget my name

to find me on streets, walking

as if I am aware where they go

they do not end by my

illusion of identity, in haze of

the light, in worlds unreal


sometimes I forget my name

when I explore on the map-

a dimension where I could

find the portal to bring me

back, I am a solid mass in

weightless sky, in words untrue


sometimes I forget my name

because I have embraced so much

that is beyond me, I fly above

ground, while my tethers are

still rooted within the soil, in

need of me to come back to me


sometimes I forget my name

and I think that is alright

as long as I do not rule myself

out of me, as long as I am there

to see, to feel, to touch, in lands

of this reality, I may still find me


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Right2Write Prompt 1: Departing Sun

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of introducing another new thing on the blog today, after having started a vocabulary enriching adventure. You can find more about it here.

Now what I am going to start is a writing prompt. Yes, you read it right. Another writing prompt to bring about another sleepless night in your lives when you keep wondering about it. And it is called Right2Write. Silly name, huh? But my mind isn’t working. So be it.. it is going to be called Right2Write Prompt.

I will be putting up a new challenge every weekend and you have to write a piece of poetry/short story/or whatsoever the challenge demands you to write. The word constraints would be informed when the challenge is proposed. Simple!?

So please spread the word around and invite other bloggers/writers to participate, not only those who are a member of the wordpress community but also those who write on other blogging domains like blogger, tumblr, typepad, livejournal, etc.) Those who do not manage a blog are also invited to post their pieces in the comments down below. And I will post it on the blog crediting them.

For this weekend’s challenge, I bring forth for all of you, a visual writing prompt.

Departing Sun

Departing Sun

* I hold the copyright to this image. Please remember to mention it after you add it in your post and link it back to me. Thank you.

Guidelines for this weekend’s Right2Write Prompt:-

1. Write a short story (word count: 100-500 words) or a poem (50 lines max.) based on the picture. You can include the image in your post.

2. Add your link to the linking plugin below. Do not forget to read and comment on other participants’ submissions. That is all and come next weekend for another prompt.

Note: It is not compulsory to write keeping in mind the name of the photograph which is Departing Sun. You can write in any way you want and give your own name to your submission.


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Yet another note: I am sorry if you are not able to see the image of the linking plugin. I am still working on it. And if you could help me, please do suggest me on how to fix it.

You can still submit the link to your work by clicking on the link in blue.

leaving for her journey

Hello bloggers,

I got a wonderful opportunity to work with the lovely Merbear and you know what, we ended up creating this poem together. Please read and share your views.

leaving for her journey

She was binding her hair in a bun

Readying herself for the journey ahead

Which may take her to distances unknown

Bring in her the sense of being alive

She had never felt ever before

She was leaving behind all her fears

For the adventure that awaited her


Her stomach coiled like a snake

Past torments licking at her heels

Dare she run so fast and proud?

Her life not worthy of a fairy tale

She sighs so loudly she startles herself

Trapped emotions needing to meet air

Praying to breathe air


The stream of tears fell down her cheeks

Which she didn’t even care to wipe away

She was looking for a happy ending

Which she had to find herself in her own way

She picked up her hand bag of happy memories

And moved ahead towards her cage door

And pushed it open, it wasn’t locked


Desperate echoes of her soul

Beckoning to her aching heart

Calling her to where she needs to be

She trembles with trepidation

Limbs weakened by the struggle

Her life never drawn before

By her own personal design


She was never meant to be free

Doubts crossing her mind

When she had just seen the sunshine

But she would never return back

And thence, she flies away

Its true leaving is difficult but

Once you have left, it is easy not to turn back


Then the breeze whispered her name

A lullaby warm and soothing

Like balm for her battered soul

Bringing her back to herself

Oh, she thought she had been lost!

Smiling inside herself with pure joy

For her true path was known all along


Blue Thing

The blue expanse up above

so wide, beneath which

all our lives astray

no path, just a foggy trance


confusion, delusion, askance

this life does nothing but betray

teach us all the lies, this bitch

of feelings, of emotions, of love


there is nothing but that blue thing

under which we all suffer and sing.


P.s.- Another one written just like Red Lust and Violet Juice. You can suggest the name for this particular poetic form, the rules of which are- (i) Three stanzas, rhyming scheme being- ABCD/DCBA/EE, (ii) Description of some strong emotion and (iii) Prominence of a color. And it would mean a lot to me if you would also write such a poem. Don’t forget to tell me about it.