Gold Pride (Re-Introduction of A Poetry Form)

I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce a poetry form, I created earlier this year. I never named it but included a number of poems written in that style, in my poetry collection which you can download from here.


1. Three stanzas, two quatrains followed by a couplet.

2. Rhyming scheme- abcd/dcba/ee.

3. Theme- Some strong emotion or a powerful act.

4. Optional use of a color for narration.

I am sharing a poem written in this style from the said collection.

Gold Pride

the gold pride of the gods

seeping down the Eden,

penetrating in the soil

and under the ground


Hades cry out a shrill sound,

the gore of earth does boil,

the weapons form a redan,

and are activated, the death pods,


suffer the mortals, pain and blood,

amidst this amour pro-pre, crud


* It is quite a simple form to adopt. I would be delighted if you try writing this way.



Oh thy beauty-

Unfathomable, obtrusive,

Thy beauty, a gifted gift, a treasured treasure,

Thou bow before and meditate over the shallow river,

Thou see through it all,

thy love, thy soul,

Finding, looking at thy moon-face,

Smile ever present on thy lips, thou looking for thyself everywhere,

The nymphs envy thee,

Aphrodite spites thee,

Persephone wants thee


Oh thy vanity-

Unfathomable, obtrusive,

Thy vanity, a banning bane, a grieving grievance,

Thou bow before and mull over the shallow river

Thou know it all,

thy pride, thy conceit,

Ever-present on thy wretched face,

Sneer ever present on thy lips, thou look for thy shadow everywhere,

The nymphs snigger at thee,

Aphrodite spites thee,

Persephone snubs thee


Thy beauty, thy vanity-

Circe wanted thy love,

Loved thee with ferocity,

The magician-witch wanted thee,

Wanted thee but thou sneered, chortled at her,

And in her vengeance, she cursed thee,

Cursed thee for herself, cursed thee for thyself,

Banished to Hades, thy life lost,

Cursed thee for herself, cursed thee for thyself,

Meditate over the dead river… River Styx,

In those frothy rotten waters, thou mull over


Thy beauty, thy vanity, thy curse-


* For dVerse. Again, I haven’t used the prompt directly; rather I have used the main theme- water, river, etc., as a component of my creation. It is nevertheless a necessary element in the story of Narcissus.

* There are many mythological tales related to Narcissus; in some he was loved by Echo, in some, Nemesis punished her, and as such. I have narrated a tale; the references to which I read in a poem on Persephone I read just yesterday. I have added a little bit of my own imagination here.

Ambition Haiku

Allegory of Ambition by Franz Wagner

a love ambition

turning to an obsession

sees no boundaries


riding pegasus

striving to capture his lust

his blind ambition


death follows behind

lethal ambition for her

a god-sent angel


mars’ warrior son

ready to kill and be killed

an ill ambition

* For Carpe Diem # 242 Ambition.

the indeterminate sky

he roared with laughter

and the thunder rumbled,

a shine glazed his eyes

and the lightening strikes again,

he wept in joy

and sweet droplets peter down,

he cried a lover’s melancholy

and the great tears descend,

he wailed a mother’s fear

and the drops solidified,

he hollered in pain of despondency

and the tempest turns up

begetting mayhem and annihilation,

he is powerful,

formidable he is,

the king of the heavens,

the seed of the mother earth,

the father of the titans,

the eldest of all,

the indeterminate sky.

*Written in response to Personification prompt