What I want to do?

What I want to achieve in life?

How I am going to achieve it in life?

Do I need fame?

Do I want a happy life or the one with the fame?

Who am I?

Why I am here?

What is the reason behind my existence?

Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?

The questions- the never-ending questions. I started with asking myself What I want to do! and that question led me to many other questions and finally to the question where I ask about my existence…. where I want to know myself…. where I want to know my purpose in life…. where I want to know- WHO AM I?

Today I again started pondering over the topic I have already written about sometime back…. it was an essay competition in school and I had so many topics to chose from but my curiosity… my inner-self made me chose this particular topic… I don’t know why! But I started writing anything and everything. The essay came out to be good but made me even more doubtful about myself… made me even more curious about why I wrote those things.

Today I am posting my essay- may be you would come to some conclusion…. some conclusion I am not still clear with.

Here’s that essay-


WHO AM I? – The question very well understood, but often unanswered just because the answer is very much unknown. It is as simple as that. This fact is ironic, being one doesn’t know about oneself….doesn’t understand the power, the capability one has got. This unknown proximity, rather the power is what forms a being.

WHO AM I? – I am an individual, born to roam around and know this never ending world. I am a being who is unaware of me. I am no different – I am ‘just like’ any other person who enters and exits the world ‘just like’ a storm. But still I am no similar – Because I am myself – the self that exists only in me.

WHO AM I? – This question is now spelling some magic, its hypnotic: teasing me that still I don’t know the real myself. But now I have some idea – I am the ‘SPIRIT’, a significant spirit, for I make the world, the world doesn’t make me….I live the world! It is just because of the so many significant spirits like me; the world is there. Each ‘myself’ in each spirit is contributory – this fact can’t be denied.

 WHO AM I? – I am the ‘AIR’, blowing across awakening one and all. I am the life-giver and sometimes the life-snatcher, for my life as well as life of many others rests on any swift blow I have. I am the purifier and sometimes the spoiler, playing the game of character: for my character as well as character of many others is influenced by the constituents I have within.

WHO AM I? – I am the ‘WATER’, seeping smoothly everywhere and anywhere. I am the coolant and sometimes the heater, for I can be quiet and ferocious as well. I am sometimes blue and white some other times; reflecting what I see depending on the surroundings I live in.

WHO AM I? – I am the ‘LAND’, present prominently all around. I am the shelter and sometimes the decayer, for I stay in my own way, generally uninfluenced by everything and anything. I have varied colors and faces, depending on the mood and thinking I have.

WHO AM I? – I am the ‘FIRE’, spotted anywhere so bright and furious. I give warmth but still I can burn, I can be calm and ferocious as well. I rule myself and enacts the scene, depending on the amount of peace I have.

WHO AM I? – In simple words, I am the World covering all the elements – thus each and every expression and the image I show. I control the place I live in, I make the place I want.

The question is no longer a teaser – its now an encourager making me understand each and every concept that determines me.

WHO AM I? – I just wrote what I can think of. But realizing myself is not just thinkable but understandable.

WHAT I MEAN TO MYSELF…I am what I think of myself. When it comes to give a personal view, I am a psychological creature ruled by the thoughts and the spiritual aura found in me. I am not just a living creature – I am rather a thinkable creature capable of knowing and analyzing what I do. I am a soulful creature making the inner me – the individual that relies on instincts, not just thoughts. I am a fluid creature with all the necessities flowing in me for survival.

I am not just what I show – I am rather something I shadow. WHO AM I? – The question so complicated – the words are few but flowing, never ending. The more complicated is the power I realize which resides in me…..now on the path of being “KNOWN”.

That’s all what I wrote… That’s the limit till where I can reach….

Now, here’s a video of someone experienced…spiritual answering the same question-