A Melody of Love

This is the English translation of a few verses of a Hindi song titled, Ek Pyar Ka Naghma Hai with lyrics by Santosh Anand. The translation hasn’t come out to be quite so good. I have translated it in consideration of Right2Write Prompt 6. You can participate in the prompt yourself. Just visit the post link.

A Melody of Love

a melody of love, a surge of bliss,

life is nothing else but a story of you and me,

a melody of love, a surge of bliss,

life is nothing else but a story of us,

a melody of love…


some things are lost once found,

some things are meant to be lost,

in order to be found,

life’s meaning lies in instances

of the beginning and the end,

a whole life needs to be lived in

these two minuscule moments,

this life is hollow but for a story of you and me,

it is a melody of love…


you are a gush of a river and me being your shore,

you are my support and I am yours,

the whole ocean resides in your eyes,

filled with the waters of hopes and yearnings,

this life is nothing but a story of us,

it is a melody of love…


tempest is ordained to arrive,

but it would have to depart,

this circumstance is a foggy cloud,

but that is just so for a little while,

it has enclosed all but

everything sad is going to

come to an end eventually,

all what would be left are shadows,

what would be left is a certain scar,

this life is nothing but a story of us,

it is a melody of love…

The actual song is beautiful yet so sad. I wish you could understand the language in order to enjoy the song. You can still listen to it, even if it is just the music:


Music Inspired Haiku: Moon in the Lake

tinkling of the bells

the blessed night mesmerizes

a glimpse of full moon


drink violet waters

a thirst for tranquility

lake from the heavens


tender to my being

plucking the moon from the sky

hide it in heart’s lake


*For Carpe Diem # 262 Moon in the Water; inspired by Karunesh’s Moon in the Water.

Music Inspired Haiku: Caravanserai

oasis in desert

meditation of nomads

rejuvenates soul


bells of the temple

chants boom around holy fire

priest dances possessed


praising mighty lords

offerings of milk and faith

distant cloud rumbles


magic lamps lighted

a caravan of gypsies

magnetic eyes see

desert sand prickles

living in the memories

lost to the sand dunes


*For Carpe Diem # 260, Caravanserai. Inspired, listening to Caravanserai by Karunesh.

Listening Haiku

a low voice calling

vanish away finding it

listen to heart’s beat


dissolving in breeze

inhale life with every breath

listen nature’s words


coo of nightingale

wind halts to listen to it

pull open thy heart

* For Carpe Diem # 245 Listening.