Day 19: Favorite book turned into a movie

Continuing with the 30 Day Book Challenge, it is time to discuss the film adaptations of your most liked books. I am rather discussing here the film adaptations I didn’t like at all because they had ruined the story from the book and those which I liked, for they remained true to the story. I have just taken the question, a step further.

Some of the movies I did not like are-

1. It’s Kind of A Funny Story: This is the first novel in which I could relate with the protagonist because of the same “situations” in life. The fact was that I read this novel around the time when I started acknowledging my own mental-health related problems. I did not feel such connection with the movie, which was really strange according to me. The novel made me understand about the characters, while the movie was a mess in which I could not understand what was happening.

One scene which was true to a few lines of the novel

2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: This is one of the most important books in the series because it tells of the story of Voldemort and how he turned out to be as he was, but it was thoroughly ignored in the movie. The movie was all about absurd relationships (which is not the main theme of Harry Potter) and some incidents which were completely out of context.

3. The Silver Linings Playbook: A thought-provoking book has been turned into a love story in the movie. The way the depression is portrayed in the movie seemed to me quite radical. I just didn’t like the entire setting. They must have informed before hand that it was going to be a movie based on the game of football.

And the movies I liked-

1. The Perks of Being A Wallflower: This is one movie which complied with the story and presented the characters as they were meant to be. the main difference here is that the movie is directed by Stephen Chbosky, who is also the author of the novel. That really worked.

2. Never Let Me Go: I watched the movie before I read the novel (also in case of The Silver Linings Playbook). I liked the movie originally and continued to like it even after reading the novel. Because the movie had summarized the events of the novel in an amazing way so that nothing important is left.  Reading the novel afterwards was just knowing more about the characters and the story.


Day 04: Favorite Film Adaptation of a Book


Yes, movies are great but books are entirely a different thing. I don’t enjoy watching stuff as much as reading it and viewing it unfold within my mind.

What we create for ourselves is a lot more closer to our heart than anything else; like that crooked clay pot we mold, the colors we fill on a canvas, a poem we bleed from our soul or a story from a book we have read, viewed through our own imaginative juices, unreel in our mind.


That is all needs to be said.

Right2Write Prompt 2: Movie Mania

It is time for the second Right2Write Prompt. But before I discuss about it, I would like to thank the three bloggers who participated in last week’s prompt. You can read their entries through these links:- Marbles in My Pocket, MindLoveMisery and Wordifull Melanie. They have all done a great job, making the photograph an intrinsic part of their creations.

Now, for this week’s prompt, I would like you all to write anything- short story/poem/thoughts in general based on the story of your favorite movie. Pay a dedication to that movie through your words. You can even write a review if you want.

General Guidelines:-

1. Upper Word Limit- 500 words

2. Spread the word around. Since, the prompt is still new, it would take a bit of time before more writers would participate in the prompt.

3. Read the posts submitted by other bloggers. This is the only way by which we could frame a community through acknowledging each others’ efforts and sharing our views.

That is all. You can add the links to your posts in the linking widget.