The Choice is Mine

the moment the impalpable fruit comes up on the horizon

the nightly spots of light attract me, asking me to fade away with them that time

the choice is mine whether-

I want to be a seed of the sweet rising fruit or

the shine of the fading spots of night light.


Get the hell out of me…

I have realized

I don’t want you in my life

Just get out, get out of my mind

Get the hell out of me

I hate you

I loath you

I don’t want you

Get out of me

I want to live

I want this life

I want to live this life

I want to do everything

This is my life and it is mine

Leave its control right now

Get out

Get the hell out of me

I don’t want you

You are just my mental disorder

What can you do?

Get the hell out of me.