Kid: A 100 Word Story

“We have reached the graveyard. But will you now tell me why have we come here?”

“Wait for a while and you will know.” He entered the graveyard.

He had reached quite ahead when the other fellow jogged to him, “Where are we going?”

“Why, to pick someone…” He guffawed.

“Don’t be sinister buddy and tell me.”

He had by then stopped near a grave.

“Why have you stopped, who is buried here?”

He ignored the question and picked up the kid standing solemnly behind the grave into his arms, “I have come to get him, meet Rosie’s kid goat.”

Copyright – Randy Mazie

*For Friday Fictioneers Writing Prompt.


Baby Piano: A 100 Word Story

“I can’t forget how we grew up together and then got separated. And today, it is a coincidence that we could meet.”

“It is indeed.” He gave her a brilliant smile.

“You still smile the same,” she shyly commented.

“And you are still the same.”

They shared a quick kiss which was delayed for years.

“And you remember when you visited me at 1 in the night and tried to hide inside my baby piano when my parents came up hearing your loud voice?”

“Yes. And I remember why I visited you.”

They held hands, past memories flooding their minds.

Copyright- John Nixon

* Written in response of the Friday Fictioneers Writing Prompt.

Random Poetry




in the

eyes of

nobody else but

only that of your very own.



me on

the river side

where is situated the






you have had

with yourself, for sure

did terrify me completely.


beam of Sun over the

top of the enchanting tree

trapped in memory.