Book Review: Life of Pi

Life of PiLife of Pi by Yann Martel
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Life of Pi is a fantastical tale of courage and bravery and survival instinct, in the time of such hazard when a young man is left all alone with a Royal Bengal Tiger in a lifeboat; his family being perished in the ship wreck, they were travelling on. He was, by mere luck, saved but how long would luck help him survive? This story is well acclaimed and has been adapted into a popular movie.

Positive Points:-

1.The narration is strong. The main protagonist is an intelligent person, who comes out to be quite the power-house of the novel.

2.The biological references make it quite an interesting read.

3.The first-part is an enjoyable read. Learning about the protagonist and his family and his life in Pondicherry is something which is quite appealing to read.

4.The sea ordeal is quite frightening to read. And the story of killing for hunger makes you believe that we humans are also indeed animals. That came out to be quite intriguing part to read and understand.

Negative Points:-

1.The writing style is good but it is sometimes flawed because of over-exaggeration.

2.The emotional sentiments do not provide the story with an appropriate kick. Otherwise, a tragedy like this must have been able to make a reader burst into tears. But extra emphasis was made on the practical aspect, hence the novel failed to provide an emotional enriching experience.

3.It looked like a tale. A fictional story with nothing to back it up. The alternative story told in the third part of the book, seems to be more truthful than the actual one. I saw it as a flaw. I understand that the author provided it for a specific reason to point out what we are going to believe and what we could not believe because we believe in what we see and what we already know. And a fantastical tale always raises questions. But the author was not successful in providing the desired effect.

Overall, the book is readable, but it could not match up with the hype it had created, in my eyes. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to read adventurous fictional tales, while I would reprimand those who do not like gore or bloody chapters in the book, from reading it and also those, who want a book they could read in two-three days. This is a book you have to give some time to, otherwise, you are not doing justice to your already, a little deprived reading experience, you get from this book.

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