Sacrifice Haiku

bleeding crevices

soil enriched with sacrifice

a lifeless body


sacrificial pier

stains of grotesque history

fade away with time


sacrificing lamb

look of knowing in dark eyes

death is singular

* For Carpe Diem # 241.


The One Who Stands Alone

Sometimes it becomes difficult for me

to know who can be a friend and who can’t be one

I thought I succeeded in making some of them

but ended up knowing I was still alone, outcasted

for the reason, that I don’t know.

I remember I have always been an outcast-

a distinct personality, a leader in himself

with neither followers nor supporters,

the person who always stood alone, that is me

Is it good for me or not to be like this,

that I don’t know but what I know is that

I won’t mind standing alone in the crowd

but I would never lose self-respect,

never will I become your tail-

I will always stand for what I find right-

friends or not, even if the courtesy of

acknowledgment you take away

from me, I won’t mind

standing alone because that is who I am-

the outcasted one, the one who stands alone.

Ideal Life

Life is the perfect imbalance between what we know is truth and what we hope should have been a truth.

Isn’t it so? Life is about living… Life is about viewing life with your own eyes.

L– Look

I– Instantly

F– For

E– Extraordinary

Who doesn’t want perfection in one’s life? Who doesn’t want that sense of relief in living life in one’s own way? Who doesn’t want their life to be extraordinary?

Every one wants this. And there is nothing wrong about it. Life is about such things only. Life is about perfection… Life is about making life extraordinary.

So many articles, essays and books define the concept of ideal life. But is it of any benefit? No, because every one have in their mind a perception of their own ideal life. One’s ideal life is not similar to the person sitting next to him. So what does that mean? That means the same thing- always look for the extraordinary and achieve your ideal life. It is indeed the most difficult task to do. Why? Because of the habits, because of the life one is continually leading, be it closer to ideal or not ideal at all. Habits are the most difficult things to change. They are like the rust on the iron, which can only be subdued with a new coating on the iron. So what do you need to do? Get that coating of life over the habits of your life. Believe so much in your concept of your ideal life that it becomes difficult for you at any cost to not believe it. This craving for the ideal life… for that extraordinary touch in life must go on against all odds. It is necessary because it is the way to the happiness that is most precious to most beings.

But I ain’t saying that achieving that ideal life would free you of all your sad moments.. bring you eternity of happiness. I never believe so, never would I say so because then the whole concept would be false. A human’s mind when gets one happy moment strives for another happy moment, that too even more happier than the earlier one. That is the reason no one in their right form can ever achieve an eternity of happiness.

Still, something is better than nothing. Isn’t it? Even that ideal life would be ideal for you in the end despite of all happiness and gloominess. Life is about living and achieving that ideal word before it. It is true.. I know that and you will know that as well.

L– Look out

I– Instantly and continuously

F– For that special

E– Extraordinary and ideal life

What is writing to me?

Many people have asked me- What is writing to me?

Well, that’s a very simple question with a very complex answer which is dynamic in nature.

Writing- writing is writing to me. What else could have been the best answer to this particular question?”

“To write is writing”- would it be the better answer?”

Well, I haven’t put much thought to it but I think I should.

What is writing to me?

Well, writing to me is passion, the passion to mark my words with something I feel deeply attached with. It is the passion that helps me in incorporating my thoughts in some identifiable shape which are otherwise always messed up. Writing is the passion which helps me deal with the situations in daily life. Writing- the passion to achieve the highest limit I can think of achieving to come out as a better person, a better interpreter. Writing is the passion for me to strive, struggle to reach that limit and then, set an even higher limit to achieve.

What is writing to me?

Well, writing to me is knowing, knowing myself in a better way. I can never realize rather I will never realize who I am as an individual if there was an absence of writing in my life. Writing is the way of knowing the hidden thoughts deeply set up in the intricate structures of my mind which I can only know while writing by putting them in appropriate words. Writing is the way for me to know my ambitions, what I want to achieve in life. What I write is real- my writing denotes the real me. Writing, therefore, is a way of knowing everything I want to know. That is the easiest way I can formulate all this much into.

What is writing to me?

Well, writing to me is expressing, expressing myself to me. Well, expressing myself in general is knowing myself. But sometimes it becomes so much difficult to know yourself even through writing, it is the time when you have to express yourself without giving a second-thought to what comes to your mind from within your heart, you just write and write- thereby expressing yourself. It is such a beautiful exercise but deeply addicting- it may be of great significance but may be it would show you the side of yourself that you couldn’t know- the side which had been hiding which all of a sudden sprints out, the resultant thoughts may not be so pleasant.

What is writing to me?

Well, writing to me is reading, reading what I want to read. Now that is surely going to confuse you. But yes, its true. It isn’t complex. Writing to me is reading- when I want to read something, give a vent to my thoughts reading something peculiar to my interests, then there is nothing better to read but my own creations. So, writing is a way of reading and amusing myself by way of reading what I write. Easy?

What is writing to me?

Well, writing to me is compulsion, compulsion to write. It compels to write- writing compels me to write. As I have earlier written that writing has dynamic meanings for me- hence, particularly even though when I don’t want to write- the germ of writing that I am rearing in me compels me to write. Once you keep on writing, it doesn’t always come out to be a leisure activity- sometimes, it becomes compulsory for you to write for no reason in particular at all. I have to write, that means I have to write- that comes out to be a message from the inner-self with no explanation, no reasoning.

What is writing to me?

Well, writing to me is passion, way of knowing and expressing myself, it is reading to me and henceforth, it is a compulsion to me.

Do tell:- What is writing to you? What does it mean to you?


Being alone has its own advantages. Lonely– the word always seemed to have a negative effect on me but since the time, being alone has become a part of my existence, I believe being alone can sometimes be very good for the much necessary peace in the life everyone wants.

Truly speaking, I wasn’t a very social person from the time I had gained some piece of mind and started analyzing things my own way in “some significant way”(because even infants can do so in some not easily understandable way)…

Speaking about one’s nature of spending some time alone, its good… do it sometimes- you’re going to love it. One can find solitary confinement in one’s life even in a room full of people chattering and doing their own stuff- so, it is not necessarily required on your part to find some silent serene place to spend some time with your own being.

So, what I am going to do now is write about some of the common benefits of loneliness which you may be well aware of but I’m sure this post would invoke your thought process-

1. Knowing thyself-

Solitary- being alone- its a wow feeling for me. Why? Because it gives me a chance to talk to myself and further on know myself.

When we are surrounded by so many people responding to each and every circumstance and situation around us, we generally forget the reality of ourselves. We all are different beings– we all have our own needs– we have our own psychological attitude– we all have our own thoughts which are ours and ours alone. But we many times forget this, being engulfed by this world so huge. And when this happens, you get nothing but the prejudiced thoughts, the unknowingly attitude– thus those things which do not belong to you, which are not a part of your conscience.

So, being solitary whether in a busy railway station or in a beautiful meadow- it can bring you close to yourself and that is one thing, one must ought to achieve in one’s life.

2. Relaxation-

Now that’s a very general benefit- relaxation– yes, when one spends some time with oneself, thereby ignoring the “deeds” of the world, it helps in relaxing- soothing you from within.

I have heard relaxation is in talking to family and friends and spending time with them. But I don’t believe so. I think you may feel good for a while when spending time with your loved ones(it is something you must do) but still, relaxation in real sense is achieved by “closing yourself in a closet”, because this is the time when you don’t have to hear the nuisance of the whole damn world.

So, relaxation is something one can achieve by being solitary for a while everyday.

3. Effective control over oneself-

Huh?– Yes, I also thought the same. How can one gain effective control over oneself by being solitary?

Here’s the answer- first of all when you’re crazily angry over someone, then there’s a great probability that you would lose control over yourself and you’re definitely going to swear, fight, try to lose your anger over someone and may be everyone. In such cases, it is said one must try to gain control over oneself by talking to someone trustworthy and telling them about your entire situation. But why is there need of someone else, when you have your best friend of the entire eternity residing in you. Right? So by being solitary even for a while, one can gain effective control over one’s actions- over one’s thoughts- just merely by being with oneself away from the artificial and material world.

HENCE, these were some of the common benefits of being lonely or solitary or one can say adopting loneliness for a while in one’s life.

A word of caution:- Yes, give some time to yourself- remain alone for sometime, not much of the time, that would definitely make you vulnerable towards the whims of the “villains” of the world. Still, loneliness in limited manner is very very good.